Apple Byte – Do you really want an iWatch? It’s an “Ask Brian Anything” email episode where we talk Macs, what he really thinks about the iWatch, Final Cut X, and the an…


  1. querry999 says:

    i would wnt and iwatch only if it cost like 40$ or less hahh

  2. SuperBizalz says:

    I bailed on Final Cut because I wasn’t happy with “X.” I’m happy with
    Premiere Pro CC now. Make the jump!

  3. jon wright says:

    who cares at this point?

  4. This guy lives for apple sadly.

  5. CoTiger13 says:

    Did’nt he say he was going for vacation..? And why is there Applr Byte for
    this week but not Googlicious? Correct me if what i say is all wrong. I
    might havr missed out something, but i doubt about that..

  6. I’m an Asian-american male, but am I the only one who finds this guy

  7. Brian is the best 

  8. Lenny7118 says:

    What ever happened to Google Glass ????? Never got released at a lower
    price for the general public. It’s been over 2 years I guess Glass is a
    FLOP and only for the rich

  9. xavier guzman says:

    Brain you got a watch on so that tells me that yes you will be getting an
    iwatch and yes you will be loving it

  10. Christian Luczejko says:

    Love you tong, but one look at that chain and cross around your neck and
    your opinion on the style of an iWatch should be thrown out the
    window…along with that bling…

  11. MrNuggetface says:

    You’ll see a few geeks And weirdos with iwatches. Most wont want an odd
    annoyance on their wrist that is not flattering. 

  12. Jonathan Cruz says:

    Any thoughts on Microsoft’s upcoming watch?

  13. Randiel Rodriguez says:

    Motorola 360 is too amazing

  14. kineticpsi says:

    I’m interested in an iWatch, but I don’t own or use an iPhone so I’m not
    sure how much use it would be for me. I wouldn’t mind it if it replaces the
    iPod so long as the price is right. I agree with the fitness aspect – it
    just doesn’t interest me as much as it might other people. The only useful
    thing for me would be a blood pressure reading.

  15. Danny Jaber says:


  16. antoeknee wongjoy says:

    OMG! Brian Tong i saw you at the Honolulu international airport on Monday!
    I wanted to say hi but I wasn’t sure if it was you but i think it was! I
    was the kid with the glasses and blue and black jacket with the kendama! I
    believe you were wearing a yellow pineapple tank top… Well anyways,

  17. Danz Tech says:

    Yes, I do want an iwatch.

  18. nismofury says:

    I’ve said it a million times manufacturers are missing the niche when it
    comes to smart watches. We want to be able to see who we’re talking to. We
    want them to be able to see what we’re looking at. We don’t give a s***
    about health trackers heart rate monitors step counting bullshit. I want
    someone to call me I can flip my wrist and then I can see the person that
    I’m talking to and they can see me all on my wrist. If I want to I can
    switch the camera angle and show them what I’m looking at. Smartwatches
    need 2 camera lenses. They need to be high resolution they also need the
    ability to take pictures and video longer than f****** 15 seconds. They
    also must have Bluetooth capability so not everybody can hear my
    conversation. I want to be able to use a Bluetooth headset or earpiece.

    Text messaging is important emails are not. I don’t care to look at my
    email every other second. Someone wants to text me I get their text and I
    respond verbally without ever having to touch anything. I want it on my
    wrist so if somebody calls me I can just answer and wallah I don’t have to
    drop what I’m doing. And the most important thing about smart watches it
    has to cost under $200. No one’s going to pay anything above that when you
    can buy a brand new phone that does way more for less. $100 is probably the
    best price point to get everybody wearing watches again. 

  19. SnorkFlirt says:

    wow, way to dismiss the entire fitness activity market. im still gonna buy
    me one with a heart rate monitor for my fitness and idgaf what you think!

  20. abuwahid1 says:

    u r really fun to watch.

  21. Mohammed Ahmed says:

    You’re my favorite Asian guy hahah, always got info

  22. Christopher flores says:

    When is the iPod touch 6th generation releasing? 

  23. Ashley De Souza says:

    why the hell do you talk about yourself every time? cnet please get rid of
    this lov-o

  24. 3:12 – Добро Пожаловать!)

  25. Jazz JanJelly says:


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