Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote in 10 minutes

Ladies and gentlemen, Apple’s 2014 WWDC keynote was indeed “the mother of all releases.” There was so much that we could barely cut it down to 10 minutes. Bu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Extreme bending and scratch tests shows how unbreakable and unscratchable the iPhone 6’s sapphire front panel proves to be.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. The Verge says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Apple’s 2014 WWDC keynote was indeed “the mother of
    all releases.” There was so much that we could barely cut it down to 10
    minutes. But we did it, just for you.

  2. Rafael Lopez says:

    Apple becoming Google Android more every year. Here is a big I TOLD YOU SO
    to all the isheep over the years who were in denial about Android.

  3. Andreas Proschofsky says:

    After finally having found the time to catch up on yesterday’s Apple news I
    have to say: there is loads of good stuff in there. Sure – a quite
    significant portion of what Apple announced has been “inspired” by other
    systems but I’m fine with that. Those are still very real improvements for
    iOS / OS X users and Apple is adding a few innovations of their own on top
    – which will no doubt be imitated by others. That’s just the way the
    software world works. The only thing that I really found annoying: Those
    constant, childish jokes at the “competition”. Just stop it. And that goes
    for everyone – not just Apple.

  4. martin shervington says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Apple’s 2014 WWDC keynote was indeed “the mother of
    all releases.” There was so much that we could barely cut it down to 10
    minutes. But we did it, just for you.

  5. Alejandro De La Rosa says:

    Apple be like: “this is all kinda like Android but completely different”

  6. Ramon McNally says:

    Well… *Apple* got more personality this time around, trying to give that
    “fun” persona like Google. I actually like it. Most stuff they’ve announced
    and done, Android had already but Apple has now done it more complete.
    This signals a change of path for Apple(*more open anyone?*). Google will
    now be forced to focus on little details (*can you believe Hangouts doesn’t
    have an voice only option?*) and a consistent experience. Competition is
    awesome.. *Now* …time to get the new MacBook Pro. : ) 

  7. EMAX (boyejoboy) says:

    soo…things that has been on android for years.. 5:03

  8. Zachary Moon says:

    Look at all the butt hurt android fans LOL. They aren’t bashing apple
    because they copied Android. They are upset because their precious Android
    isn’t the only one to offer those features any more. They did the same
    thing with Windows Phone. I can’t wait to get rid of my MotoX and Nexus 10!

  9. MikeTheMcLeod says:

    Widgets is the big take from this, but I’m sure everyone want’s them on the
    homescreen not in notifications, or the options for either. Idk why they
    avoided widgets for soooo long.

  10. Sick Silvo says:

    With every new iteration of iOS they “steal/take” more and more from JB
    community. Now, don’t get me wrong It’s nice to see improvements being made
    across the board but I can’t even begin to imagine how the devs who
    originaly made the tweaks feel, especialy when some of the “new” features
    shown have been available since 2010.

    I guess it’s the way to go realy, take something and improve on it,
    repackage and release as it’s your own creation. – Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang

  11. Jason Mataz says:

    Wow apple everything you said is so brand new and so innovative it’s not
    like something Android has ever done before(!)…. -_- copy cats

  12. Dominic Fernandez says:

    Awww… No new iphone. A lot of people got butt hurt.

  13. Andreas Lindhé says:

    Apple really has nothing innovative to come up with any more. That’s too
    bad – they were so good at pushing the market forward… 

  14. MyriadesusTV says:

    Good to see Apple catching up to Windows.

  15. Marc Taylor says:

    Yawn. Apple you are so tame these days. Everything here has been available
    for years on android. Crapple… Xx

  16. MrRFC27 says:

    I’m confused is wwdc spanned over 4 days? or is it just 1?

  17. Samuel Better says:

    Inferior my ass. Rubbish. Copycats. What is new here we don’t already have.

  18. Tim Egan says:

    A really great keynote from #wwdc2014 ! Some very exciting stuff in here.
    Competition is good for everyone! 

  19. emptyskullify says:

    I was seriously expecting the new iphones…

  20. RiZk Designs says:

    That’s the biggest bull crap ever. FREAKIN copying android. The only thing
    I want is Yosemite OSX Its a lot better.

  21. Luis Medina says:

    Look at that apple fanboys happy of the “new features” of iOS 9:29

    Please this is not revolutionary, i only see here Android features ported
    to iOS 

  22. bruce wayne says:

    To those naive and hard headed android users just remember android was
    borned and copied ios

  23. Patrick Beja says:

    Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote in 10 minutes. Thank you +The Verge !

  24. ecdctech says:

    haha most people don’t know what programming is 

  25. qarisaheb says:

    A stunning packed 10 minute video. I looked it! Great job Verge! 

  26. TechPimp says:

    if you’re not going to have a bigger battery then atleast make it removable

  27. Lol wall huggers. If Apple fights back they better be careful what they say
    cuz most of the stuff they used to be proud of has stitched to android and
    Apple still relys on samsung for a lot of there internals, that without
    samsung they would have to seek other suppliers. Although this is
    decreasing over the years.

  28. Jared Neal says:

    I hope samsung’s apple bashing knocks some sense into them. Idac about a
    thinner phone..make it last longer. 

  29. illest55 says:

    iPhone battery life isn’t even that bad

  30. Godswill Nweke says:

    Wall hugging is a real thing though lol samsung isn’t wrong there 

  31. mcobb1205 says:

    Apple has not need to try to bash other companies to make them look good!
    Everything that apple has already works great and android or Samsung can’t
    say the same!

  32. Mexicomank2 says:

    Is handoff only for apple apps like can third party devs take advantage of
    it does anybody know ?

  33. Mr. Q - says:

    I don’t need it slimmer. Battery battery battery!

  34. adrian rios says:

    I love my iPhone 5s but the only thing that they need to improve is the
    battery life. Other than that it’s pretty perfect. 

  35. d1bestplayer says:

    Im trying to sell my mint 32gb unlocked HTC One m7 asap. I am charging $240
    (including shipping) and it comes with the box, original accessories, a
    holster and a case. If you’re interested heres the link to the sale on

    You have to buy using PayPal

  36. jaimie de jongh says:

    i have a iphone and i can easy survive the whole day on it while watching
    HD video’s, playing hardcore games,
    there is just 1 app on my whole iphone that kills my battery and thats
    battery goes slowly but when i open facebook its like… BAM -30%

  37. SphyxGreifing says:

    good thing i bought an imac 2014

  38. Jose Liera says:


  39. Antonio Machado says:

    stupid hes in the cavs now

  40. Shpresim Muja says:

    super expensive moto g from apple no thanks

  41. hummbug72 says:

    Usually, I dont spend all day on a iPhone so the battery life isnt a
    problem. Especially if you have a job or obligation. Even so, atleast my
    iPhone doesnt lose 20% of its battery while im sleeping like any android
    would. You dont need to use a phone all day but Samsung believe it has to
    replace your soul mate to be a real phone.

  42. Danny Berrios says:

    Lebron is going to Cleveland lol

  43. Razor2048 says:

    It is not that hard to make a panel that can handle static pressure such as
    bending, what breaks a screen in instantaneous force such as being dropped.
    Keep in mind that even a diamond will chip if you drop it. It is an
    extremely difficult challenge but was largely solved in the past. With
    screens, you are stuck trying to balance making something that is hard
    enough to feel solid and feel like a proper touch surface, yet flexible
    enough to handle high impact and g-forces (which can be over 1000 g’s at
    the moment of impact).

    In the past, the solution was to buffer the impact, and thus you saw
    designs where the display unit and frame were separate from the outer case
    with very few points of contact. The outer casing was also large enough to
    handle significant impact and flexing before that shock and force would be
    transferred to the screen and other fragile components. That is why you
    could bust a hole in a wall with the original gameboy and it would still

    With modern devices the first thing to go was the buffer zones because that
    was a free shrink that saved money as it required less material and no
    redesigning of the internal components. The downside is that your device
    now breaks when ever you drop it, unless you put a good enough case around
    the phone which would also make it more bulky than if an engineer designed
    the phone from the ground up to also have buffer zones within the casing to
    handle drops and impact.

  44. Mounir Dhahri says:

    Thumb up of you are subscribed to mkbhd

  45. iloveyoshi0xo says:

    There is still always going to be that one person who drops it once and it
    still breaks. 

  46. Ryan Smith says:

    Where’s the juice? Phone’s are already thin enough. I want better battery

  47. Francisco J Preciado says:

    Finally a full apple video 

  48. Alyssa F says:

    I personally like the feel of a thicker phone (not too thick) because i
    feel like the lighter phones can easily slip through my fingers. So I’d
    much rather the longer battery life than a slimmer phone.

  49. Nicky Zhu says:

    samsungs commercial about iphone user being wall huggers is really shady
    but its not all false.

  50. Blasian_Ben says:

    Brian says Partition

    Me: instantly thinks of Beyoncé

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