CNET News – Apple debuts iOS 8 Apple’s Craig Federighi announced iOS 8, the next iteration of the company’s mobile operating system, at its WWDC in San Francisco. Th…
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Hello everybody & welcome to squiddy sundays! Today we are going to be playing some Hunger Games on ‘ & also some Cloudy Combat on ‘The-Reef.EU’ Hope you enjoy! Squiddy…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. FilmCraft Productions™ says:

    Yes, some of these features may be available on Android. But on the iPhone
    they look and work much much better. Its like comparing a brand new car to
    a one from 20 years ago. Yes they both drive, but one does it allot better.

  2. falconpawnch7 says:

    Only thing I love about iOS is their keyboard… Only keyboard I’ve found
    that’s kinda good is the HTC and Nexus keyboard.

  3. 2 steps behind Android . 

  4. Muhammad Keita says:

    Another bootleg of android smh

  5. tim star says:

    Now IOS fangirls are going to start coming out of the wood works now
    chatting shit smh. Acting all brand new over old features lol. That drop
    down notification msg reply thing I was using that since 2012 and then LG
    integrated into the g2. Old shit nothing new nothing polish same old damn
    features android been using for years.

  6. jinx5005 says:

    But Android already had this **Sips coffee**

  7. TheFanboySlayer says:

    Lol predictive text…..done already.

    New iMessage is cool I guess…very similar to GroupMe app.

    Search thing is smart…but minisvule

    The direct response thing is pretty smart though

    Starting to feel more and more like Android to me though.

    I have had a lot of the features that they have now with my android device
    but some are good I guess…..not revolutionary but needed features or else
    they would be behind. 

  8. HARLEM HEFNER says:

    IOS 7 was old android features IOS 8 is old android features LMAO 

  9. StickyJalapeno says:

    hasn’t Android been doing this for years

  10. God Lee says:

    This still behind android. I like to see sweep keyboard or support if you
    use ipad mini or regular

  11. John Logic says:

    simple things that Apple hasn’t done:

    – change lock screen
    – change home screen
    – contact icon next to message thread
    – contact icon when somebody is calling
    – ‘close all’ recent apps button
    – download ANYTHING from internet
    – icon packs 

  12. Abdeliito720 says:

    When is it coming out ?

  13. DaemoniumCC says:

    4:00 – “Has great language models”

    Excuse me, fuckhead, but America, Canada, England and Australia all speak
    English. But I guess it looks better with more shiny icons up there huh?

    And don’t give me that “Well part of Canada uses French”, yes they do, but
    there is also a French flag up there.

  14. Geoff S says:

    That iPhone looks longer 

  15. trung nguyen says:

    Everything has been on android for years, but apple make it look
    attractive.the only thing android feel incomplete is the transition.
    Apple’s Ios has better motion Imo. Although I don’t have an IPhone but IOS
    is a polished os

  16. ChrizBellako says:

    Can’t wait to see Android users complaining.

  17. Ronnie Dockery says:

    Quick type? Wait, Apple has never been able to predictive type?… What
    year is this?

  18. Rachel Aikeybalz says:

    Why does there always have to be stupid fights on these videos about whats
    better, android or iphone. We all like our phones for our own reasons and
    we all get our phones for our own reasons. You like your android? great im
    happy for you. You are in love with your iphone sweet yay.

  19. beyblade2656 says:

    Hopefully this will be able for the ipod

  20. Charlie Marble says:

    It’s official! iOS 8 will feature iOS Block this dream is definitely
    becoming a reality. 

  21. FutureIndieProductions says:

    I say that its true that android already has a majority of these features,
    but apple has refined them and made them strongly connect with the very
    polished ios so it appears to be a more satisfying result

  22. Arslan Naveed says:

    They ripped off the keyboard from android

  23. Moises Aguilera says:

    I thought QuickType was going to be a rip-off of Swype from Android xD.
    Also, why are people complaining about an OS that hasn’t even been
    released? And Android users really have to stop complaining. They need to
    realize that iOS is made for the average consumer, NOT tech geeks. 

  24. 8150shaf says:

    They’re pretty much catching up on other platforms, but they do it in a
    much more refined way. 

  25. Daniel Tevi says:

    Stop bitching over who’s brick is better. After all it’s just a phone and
    it doesn’t matter if is ios or android as long as you like it. People who
    insult others just because their “phone is better” are just ignorant and
    they just want to harm them and not “explain” why is better or not. The
    society is going down and it’s because of people like this throwing stones
    at other and not looking at their own problems. If dont get my point, dont
    bother to reply. Btw I have all 3 OS and they all have their +/- so dont
    talk shit cause I know what im talking about.

  26. LionMaker Daily Minecraft says:

    Awesome video! Loved the mashup of content. :)

  27. ChooChoosGaming says:

    i just went into a hg and squid was there :P i was SQUIDDY

  28. iBallisticSquid says:
  29. Irongolem man1 says:

    Squid why didn’t u team accept choochoosgaming

  30. TheGamin'Doggy says:

    Great Vid,
    i only need 6 subs to hit the big number (200) please do that and i will
    make a montage and a sub special :D

  31. Tralena Tran says:

    It’s my birthday yaaaaaay woooooo

  32. Eivina Svirinaite says:

    my sister said use your sword you fUCkiNng mAn

  33. Ekeanor Houghton says:

    13:36……. HEROBRINE!!!! (Skin)

  34. FoxieRogue says:

    That punching noise made me jump and throw my phone down xD 

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  36. cj knirk says:

    By the title i thought you died by eating a apple.

  37. SammyOnMSP says:


  38. Ella's Crafts says:

    I would of been there but my minecraft broke please help me someone :( it
    says out of memory

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  40. hawaluul hassan says:

    300th view

  41. Emily Day says:

    Imagine if squid went in the sky does Minecraft server !!

  42. Daisy Dobson says:


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  44. AyyyitsErica says:


  45. Victoria Kent says:

    When that punch noise happened at 5:15 it made me jump.

  46. Ave Sullivan says:

    AWESOME !!!!!!!! so an apple can be a weapon ? COOL =D 

  47. Kaylee Black says:

    What’s the IP address for the cloudy compat

  48. Brilliant Lucy says:

    Woohoo squiddy Sundays!

  49. Caleb Rowell says:

    I figured out puffer fish poisen you the hard way 

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