Shit Apple Fanatics Say, Part 1

Created by Scott Rose & Andrew Baird in Austin, TX Part 2 is here:


  1. RetroGamer72 says:

    Apple, helping idiots who are technologically impaired look “smart”.

  2. Shiku Ngigi says:


  3. Thomas Black says:

    Funny. But alot of these are not accurate 0.o

  4. Ian Schroeder says:

    Apple sucks, Samsung sucks, windows phones suck, but Google nexus products
    ROCK!!!!! Seriously my nexus lasts 11 hours, and I can do a lot of things
    I’d normally need a PC for on the nexus 7

  5. ShaysLovelyFace says:

    I’ve said at least 80% of this, I couldn’t live without my apple products
    and I actually hate if I’m dating someone and they don’t have an iPhone.
    Character limits, emojis not coming through, no iMessage, no FaceTime…its
    just a sad world without Apple!

  6. Gabriel Cano says:

    i came here to let every dumbass who owns that shit iphone that the LG G3
    is out. Go ahead, compare your tiny midget phone to this beauty.

  7. Randolph Bince says:

    5 or 6 or 20…lol Effin Hilarioussssss 

  8. sportsMike87 says:

    I thought the video with the darked haired guy was funnier. Can’t find it

  9. Macs can actually get viruses, it’s just not convenient for hackers to make
    viruses for macs because there are so many PCs out there when in comparison
    to Macs…I know this is a jocular video, but some of you may not know

  10. mighty fiasco says:

    i cant understand how come people hate apple??

  11. AeRo Sneaky says:

    Its funny cause its true XD

  12. AnthonyReviewsTech says:

    Like 85% of this is super unaccurate

  13. Kapayni Ebony says:


  14. Ekim Güney Köse says:

    who did this shit. camon fuck you! you just jelaous apple!

  15. blindpianist1 says:

    Gestures! Gestures! lol I love this video. BTW, I’m an apple user.

  16. Speedbird227 says:

    Just get what device you like. But apple is the best :). 


    there, I said it.

  18. Ian Warui says:

    thats enough internet for today ,fuck apple !

  19. Alex Breeze says:

    Apple: Crash differently.

  20. Henrik Olsen says:

    Kan du se dig selv…. :-)

  21. Basma adam says:

    Apple ROCKS <3 

  22. Lawson vinson says:

    As and apple fanatic I confess, it’s True.

  23. yoyoyyayable yoyo says:

    it actually has the best customer service!

  24. Great Zeus says:

    I’m an apple fanatic, but this is still funny to me lol… Used PC’s from
    the very first IBM XT/AT (most of you won’t know what that is) and switched
    to Apple when the Intel Macs came along, sorry to say I would never go back
    to Windows.

  25. 0:07 is so true lol. I used to be so anti apple but take this for example
    its great how a year old iPhone 5 is a little faster than galaxy note 3 and
    s4 its all about software optimized for hardware and i would bet 90% or
    more of consumers dont really care about having a file system on their
    PHONES. of course phones are media devices more than actual phones now but
    iPhone is good for that also, and the amount of unique, creative iPhone
    apps are amazing. Not to mention tons are iOS 7 optimized with the
    interface style whereas a loooot of android apps even the popular apps dont
    use the “holo” android interface design, something that was introduced 2-3
    years ago with ICS. 

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