Will the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 be Apple’s premium phone?

Multiple reports point to a Sapphire display and camera optical stabilization only on the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. Is September 19th the release date? And more iWatch rumors.
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  1. Arturo Beltran says:

    Didn’t they already upload this? 

  2. Aymane Abaich says:

    you still wearing that same shirt from the google I/O live coverage!

  3. Laurence Eckert says:

    Looks like I will get the 5.5″ model since it is the premium model. I want
    my first iPhone to have the best experience for me.

  4. Godswill Nweke says:

    Beats FTW

  5. 5.5 inches is too big for most people.. They better make a smaller version
    the 5S screen is perfect..

  6. peter5747 says:

    Smart watches are useless IMO

  7. Saul Gallegos says:

    I got 3:42

  8. Fahim Farooq says:

    Your Pronunciation of “Deutsche Telekom” was not bad^^ 

  9. Dakota Crabtree says:

    So if the 5.5″ comes out at a later date, will Apple announce them at the
    same time?

  10. Ian Bamberger says:

    This video isn’t on CNET’s website.

  11. Caleb Harrison says:

    I want the premium iPhone, i.e. why I got the 5S and not 5C, but I don’t
    want a phablet. 4.7-5″ is the sweet spot.

  12. NoodlePlaysMC says:

    I for 3:38

  13. Sultans TechChannel says:


  14. Matthew Manzo says:

    why is he so negative towards android 

  15. FastLikeUNO says:

    Moto 360 will sell successfully. Beauty, design, and preformance and
    convienece are within the 360

  16. if apple makes the 5.5 more premium id be disappointed
    everyone was disappointed when they did that with the iPads, i think they’d
    turn off/disappoint everyone if they did that stunt again
    thats just my opinion tho

  17. StefanWebby TimeLapse says:


  18. Colin Reid says:

    Please upload future videos in 1080p..

  19. SpikeImperial says:

    U wana know why ios doesnt lag as much ? Ios has nothing demanding going on
    in its os unlike touchwiz 

  20. Mohanraj Nataraj says:

    Portugal is best

  21. briantong says:

    We had to re-upload to fix the audio issue. And YES, for some reason I said
    JOSE instead of LUIS. Its was a LONG LONG day. BAD APPLE!

  22. Apple jumped the shark with the Beats deal, they no longer have a Jobs, and
    they are losing their sparkle. Their will always at least for the short
    term be the Apple die hard’s but even they are going to start to feel more
    and more like suckers as apple tries to continuously use them as cash cows
    instead of clients, partners.

    Let’s not forget the new power adapter requirement and now the new
    Headphone jack. Very shortly Apple will simply equal Gouge.

  23. Ralph A says:

    hmmm re upload cnet? lol

  24. RISHI ENRIQUE says:

    Apple byte is boring now.

  25. ARKIN JOHNSON says:

    Is Brian gay 

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