Dehydrating canned fruits

Using a dehydrator is an excellent tool to have you can just about dehydrate anything edible that suits you. A dehydrator is also great for food storage. You…
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American cuisine, get on board with cool exotic fruit! :) Didn’t get any of these myself (all had syrup) but cool to look at. I love Asian markets! Join me a…
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. Aloha2U50th says:

    Thanks afroprepper! I love your vids, you guys are awesome! I’m sort of a
    newbie to youtube but working on it. Not a newbie to preps though.
    Currently I’ve been blogging for Hawaii Preppers Network since I reside in
    this state. I caught your vid on APN and loved it! You’re a pro, absolutely
    love it!

  2. MsAnna4040 says:

    I never even thought about dehydrating canned fruit. How does it taste once
    rehydrated? Would love to see a video of what it looks like once

  3. Aloha2U50th says:

    MsAnna-It tastes great. It looks just like dried fruit, the ones they sell
    in the stores. I use it as a trail mix or with cereal or top your yogurt.
    Or use your food saver and seal some up as your preps. I meant to show some
    before and after vid of it but I ate it lol.

  4. boredbody says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. afroprepper says:

    great vid – and a fantastic way of extending your preps instead of throwing
    them away

  6. dumaznbum says:

    they are all delicious in their own unique ways. you should try em all! :D

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