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Tropical Fruit Ice Cream

Image by leesean

Making fruit ice pops w fresh juice. Love it. Pour the juice and wait for 10 mins while it freezes. U can add fresh pieces of fruit too.

Image by uaeyah

Passion fruit ice cream sandwich

Image by In Praise of Sardines

Lastest “fruit Ice ” News

Ice Cream Sundae – Red Fruit Ice Cream

Ice cream sundae with strawberry ice cream, blackcurrant ice cream and raspberry ice cream. More ice cream sundaes
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Smooze All Natural Fruit Ice, Coconut & Pink Guava, 17.6 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)

Smooze All Natural Fruit Ice, Coconut & Pink Guava, 17.6 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)

  • Pack of four, 17.6-Ounce, total of 70.4-Ounces
  • Smooze is a shelf stable smoothie produced with all natural coconut milk and real fruit purees
  • Smooze is rich in vitamin C, low in fat and contains No high fructose corn syrup, No cholesterol, NO preservatives, No Trans Fats and is Low in Fat
  • Smooze is hygeniecally packed in single serving Tetra Pack containers. Since smooze is Shelf Stable, you can store them in the pantry and place them in the freezer when you want to
  • Smooze is made in lush tropical island of Sumatra in Indonesia

Smooze All Natural Fruit Ice is suitable for kids as well as adults. Unlike ice cream products or other syrupy water, artificially colored and preservative packed based ice products out there, Smooze is 100% All Natural and uses the finest ingredients. Smooze is produced with real fruit purees and juices ( not from concentrate ) and freshly pressed coconut milk. Smooze is vegan, 100% dairy free with a creamy smooth texture, Rich in vitamin C, Low fat and has NO trans fat, NO cholesterol, NO pres

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List Price: $ 29.38

Price: $ 20.98

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Healthylif Smoothie- variations: Kale, spinach, fruit, ice, kelp, seaweed, & wheat grass

Healthylif Smoothie-flax seeds, chia seeds, broken wall chlorella, organic wild atlanic wakame (seaweed), super green food, vegan, smoothies, protein drink, energy drink, kelp, cooking, kitchen,recipe, restaurant, wheat grass,
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Recipe 1 cup of half&half, tsp vanilla extract, 2oz of agave nectar or honey, 1lb of frozen mixed tropical fruit or 1lb of frozen mango and 20sec on high with a Vita-Mix 5200
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please follow me on twitter @cubanwithatwist and our Facebook page ; ) ingredients needed for this recipe. 1) fresh fruit 2) ice cream 3) Voli Vodka this is a recipe on how to make a dessert with a little bit of Voli vodka. hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you guys think ; )

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Fruit Ice Cream, my favorite thing

Image by Emilia Martin

Fruit, Ice and Mint I

Image by Domiriel

Fruit ice and Barton springs pool

Image by raebrune

Nice “fruit Ice ” photos

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Fruits & Ice Cream

Image by Le YĆ©ti

fruit ice cream

Image by HARRY whitey

fruit ice-cubes

Image by atomicShed