What type of plants can “Box” turtles eat?

Alli asked:

I found a good sized box turtle and I’m caring for it in a large, outdoor, shady/sunny, perfect turtle box. I have bananas and fruit, but i was wondering if there are any natural plants they eat as well so I could plant some in the habitat. For instance grass?? or…

Thanks alot, :D
Also how to make the best box turtle habitat

When do I harvest bananas off my tree?

SciGuy asked:

I have a banana tree that has grown fruit this year. They are all green now, the top ones bigger than the bottom. I understand that they will begin to ripen once I cut them down. But if I cut them down too soon, they will be starchy rather than sweet. How do I know when I should harvest them?

What are some bread/toast toppings i can eat on a restricted diet?

Shishki asked:

I cannot eat: yeast, wheat, dairy, fructose, bananas, apples, dried fruit, sugar or caffeine.
What could i use for bread/toast toppings? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Also, before anyone asks, the bread i eat is a special sort free form all the things im not allowed.

Am i eating too much fruit in a day?

Nationalist asked:

I love fruit salad and i currently eat around 3 bowls (cereal size) a day after each meal. Is this too much fruit?

It contains…

passion fruit..etc..ect

Fruit smoothie recipes?

‚ô£ALT asked:

Do you have any good recipes? I only know how to make a banana shake and an orange sorbet shake. Is there anything else that is easy to make? I don’t like any type of melons (honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.). I love bananas and any type of citrus fruit. I want them to be easy to make and NON alcoholic (only 18).
matty_mo1, I love funyons, but not THAT much. . . yuck

how many calories are in fruit?

here2help asked:

like how many calories are in an apple or banana or grapes etc..?

Bananas or Apples or pears? or any other fruit?

Rusty asked:

which one do you like better if any
i like bananas :)
star fruit and dragon fruit? what is that never heard of it:)

Can I bulk up with muscle without taking any whey protein powder or supplement?

stylez-M asked:

I eat 4 meals a day:

Breakfast: 2 egg white omlette, brown toast, skim milk

Lunch: grilled chicken breast sandwich (w/ lettuce, tomato, no mayo)

Pre-workout meal: mixed nuts or banana

Post-workout meal: fat-free smoothie w/ protein booster

Dinner: rice w/ grilled chicken/fish and vegetables, some kind of fruit (banana)

I have about 2 liters of water (4 bottles) a day.

I go to my university gym as such: mon: chest, tues: neck/back, wed: biceps/triceps/forearms, thurs: legs; I train with heavy wights and low reps; I do no cardio (afraid of losing muscle).

Currently, I am in a “bulking up with muscle stage” for about 5-6 months, then moving on to a “cutting” phase, thus reducing my body fat percentage, helping me get a leaner body. I have already gained 2 pounds in over a week since starting to work out. As you can see, I have carefully watched my diet with no sugars (fruit juices), no junk foods (candy/chips),

Banana tree?

fart_scooper asked:

I’ve heard that there are a variety of banana tree’s available that will produce fruit even in a cold climate. I live in central Illinois where temperatures rarely drop below zero. I couldn’t find the record low but I’d imagine it’s never been lower than -20. What type of banana tree is available for this climate and where could it be purchased, if there is even one available?

Should i give her fruit?

michelepunch93 asked:

I Have a 9 week old lab / corgi mix puppy. she is very very sweet but has ton of energy! everyday for lunch i trt to eat a banana and just yesterday after i cut it up i quess a piece of the banana fell on to the floor and she ate it is that normal? should i give her fruit?