Lichi Super Fruit Soft Gel, 90 Count

Lichi Super Fruit Soft Gel, 90 Count

  • The natural way to enhance your diet and fitness routine with the antioxidant rich power of lychee berry
  • Help maintain your desired weight as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Featuring acai, resveratrol and green tea extract
  • Supports weight maintenance and total body health

Lichi super fruit softgels herbal dietary supplement.

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“Super fruits” … pulse rate … juice lacks fiber of foods.(ASK DR. ETINGIN)(Interview): An article from: Food & Fitness Advisor

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Title: “Super fruits” … pulse rate … juice lacks fiber of foods.(ASK DR. ETINGIN)(Interview)
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Price: $ 9.95

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About Cupuacu super fruit!!!

The Cupuacu Fruit – the “taste of the Amazon.” However, this delicious cupuacu fruit also happens to be a potent health resource. It contains unique antioxidant phytonutrients called polyphenols. The marvelous discovery about the polyphenols in Cupuacu (theograndins) is that they are totally unique, and have never been seen before. Like Acai, Cupuacu is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, and is traditionally known for its nutritive, energizing, and tonic properties. Aside from its wonderful taste, Cupuacu has some amazing health properties, and scientists are very excited about its potential to deliver a superb boost to human health. Some call it “A Pharmacy In A Fruit.” Further analysis of this amazing fruit has revealed that, in addition to the health boosting theograndins (superior antioxidants), it contains at least nine other antioxidants, including the powerful vitamins C and A. This makes the Cupuacu a real “one stop shop” for antioxidant replenishment. It is also rich in Vitamins B1, B2, & B3 (Niacin), as well as essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Super Fruits are the Future of our Health

Super Fruits are the Future of our Health

Deep in the Brazilian rain forest is a special super fruit. This fruit has countless health benefits which is documented. That super fruit is the Acai Berry. It is a blue/purple/reddish color fruit. Scientists in Arkansas are reporting new evidence that natural pigments responsible for the beautiful blue/purple/reddish color of certain fruits and vegetables may help prevent obesity. A study reports that eating the whole fruit containing these pigments seems to be less effective than eating an extract of the berry.

A product which has been available for 3.5 years has perfected and patented the process of the extracting process of that fruit. The product is called MonaVie. It is a juice drink. This product is filled with 19 all natural fruits. Drinking 1-2 ounces twice a day gives you the equivalence of eating about 10 fruits a day.

What is MonaVie??

MonaVie is a functional beverage that was created under the watchful eye of a distinguished group of health care experts

The Importance of Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are dietary components that are somewhat new to the field of nutrition. Phytonutrients are generally described as chemical components of plants that favorably alter the structure or function of the body. MonaVie includes 19 deeply pigmented fruits from around the world, since this provides the widest spectrum of phytonutrients and antioxidants. How easy is that?

We are supposed to be eating about 5-6 per day which no one has to do. So why not drink it instead.

To learn more please visit for additional information. This is a product that you should share with your friends, family members etc

Michael P.

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