Citrus Fruit Nail Art

A really cute citrus fruit nail art design — perfect for the summer! products used: china glaze lemon fizz c…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills qualification: How to zest citrus fruit. Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. cheesepuff861 says:

    I tried it !!!

  2. Shane Tumala says:

    Why are so brilliant?! (: thank you!

  3. So? do you need every single nail?

  4. just did this design right now for a bday party, so cute (but hard, lol)!

  5. sunshine6812 says:

    i failed again :D

  6. Tiedye bunny says:

    ur vids r soo short thats wat i luv

  7. I wish there was warm weather here

  8. DancingBlackRose says:

    I’m going to do this today, because lately, i’m eating a lot of oranges.

  9. Pandas DontLikeTurtles says:

    well some ppl like 1D… -___-

  10. ILuvSlimShady99 says:


  11. usman waqar says:


  12. Kimmy Burlak says:

    yur viedos make me happy when i watch then, itz soooo cooool!

  13. ew no

  14. your voice is so soothing and calm…

  15. Uzmamoomoo says:


  16. ihigolover says:

    a band

  17. Victorious366 says:

    I love all your design

  18. Milly Persson says:

    And her nailpolish!

  19. Shuppergirl16 says:

    I got mine at a dollar store.

  20. for one finger….

  21. Noo… I meant the comment I replyed to said all the videos are 1-2 minutes
    long, and I said for one finger, meaning that it would actually take 10-20
    minutes to do your nails excluding drying time.

  22. Luke Urbanski says:

    wow good thing you showed us how to do this otherwise, i would have been

  23. TolerGarland says:

    Can you do a bone one?

  24. reggiesclean says:

    My dad would laugh cuz i eat alot of orangez

  25. gymnasticsgurly912 says:

    i get it i know now geez

  26. HayashiAska says:

    3:57 and 4:12… That boy squeezes lime with his bleeding thumb!

  27. Chris Lunde says:

    Sure… Give the ginger the oranges… Wonder why that could be?

  28. Love this girl so much. She so cute and seems so inhumanly polite that I
    can’t stand myself from smiling all the time :)

  29. SpookzterX says:


  30. chabella123 says:

    i learned alot. thankyou. :) and when i think about it… alot of it makes
    soo much sence, esp. when traveling so much. ie. in mexico iv seen them
    grine the limes together like u mentioned in the last part of video. ha!
    there IS a reason for ALL things. ;)

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