The Japanese Konjac Sponge, Citrus Fruit Puff

The Japanese Konjac Sponge, Citrus Fruit Puff

  • Keeps skin moist and soft
  • Keeps skin soft even in fall and winter seasons
  • Appropriate for dry skin

The Japanese Konjac Sponge-citrus fruit puff is an excellent facial cleansing tool for all type of skins. The Japanese citrus fruit (yuzu) puff is made by adding citrus fruit extract powder to the konjac mixture. The Japanese citrus fruit essence is used in cosmetics and soaps as a humectant to keep skin moist and soft. As a result, this konjac puff helps to retain moisture to the skin even in dry cold fall and winter seasons. Use as a daily natural cleansing sponge for face. Appropriate for dry

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List Price: $ 11.00

Price: $ 11.00

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