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  1. Hey Jane ! I just bought a blender not too long ago and I’ve been making
    smoothies lately. I have been getting a lot of foam in my smoothies and
    I’ve tried many ways to reduce the foam but none seems to work.

    What I usually make are very basic fruit smoothies like strawberry-banana,
    peach-banana. I usually put in 1 banana, strawberries/peach, yogurt, 1 cup
    of milk, honey, and some ice . Do you know what the problem is ? I can’t
    seem to figure it out. Thanks !

  2. Whenever I make a smoothie with my Nutribullet, I get the foam–especially
    if I’m doing a greens with apples and water smoothie. I simply sip it up
    with my straw. It seems the more fibrous matter separates from the juice,
    and while it’s not ideal, it’s still “all good.”

  3. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    HI Denise, You’re welcome! Enjoy the book and keep me posted, I’d like to
    know what you think. Congratulations on taking control of your health, it’s

  4. Denise Macias says:

    I am ecstatic that I’ve found you! I bought your book, it has just arrived
    and I am sooooo looking forward to learning and starting to regain my
    health and piece of mind. I’ve been incorporating CPTG Essential Oils into
    my drink – lemon, lime, grapefruit, wild orange, fennel or ginger, I feel
    I’m getting the best of both worlds! TY so much!!

  5. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    Green Smoothie Foam, How To Reduce, Avoid, Eliminate

  6. Cynthia Rebeca says:

    ***I am still pre-ordering your book nonetheless!! :)

  7. hawaiidispenser says:

    Great tips. I toss in a banana every smoothie and it has always helped keep
    away the foam for me.

  8. Gerald Histon says:

    Thank you very much for creating the captioning for that video.

  9. Finn Green says:

    Jane: Your book has arrived: GREEN SMOOTHIE HABIT It is absoultely
    fantastic! Bravo!

  10. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    3-4 days and you can also freeze in ice cube trays.

  11. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    Hi Carol, Thank you! We’ll be talking, so much to share.

  12. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    Thank you! and I can’t wait for you to get it it, too. I’m hoping to bring
    something new to your green smoothie world.

  13. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    That is beautiful and humbling, thank you.

  14. Yeah! You are back to making videos! Congratulations on the book. I have
    dutifully pre-ordered!

  15. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    You’re welcome – thank you for viewing and taking the time to comment.

  16. Michelle Hnilica says:

    Yahoo! Glad to see a video! Can’t wait to receive your book!

  17. SmileySunrise says:

    Hi Jane. I’m a newer subscriber and I’ve enjoyed learning, although I
    haven’t made a green smoothie yet. I pre-ordered your book, and I think it
    might help to encourage me to get my Vitamix out of the garage (where it’s
    been stored for many years) and into my kitchen. Thank you.

  18. healthyeatingalways says:

    Did you get the foam by using a regular blender? I’m curious if the Vitamix
    has this problem. I’m thinking about getting one because I’d like my
    smoothies to have that creamier texture without having to add more fruit
    then vegetables.

  19. DSpurlin215 says:

    Yay! Congratulations and I will be purchasing!

  20. Carol Fitzgerald says:

    So great, Jane. How exciting!

  21. arnoldfelita says:

    I just pre-order your book, I found your channel last week and I so enjoy
    it, thanks

  22. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    You’re welcome – and thank you for pre-ordering. That’s exactly why I wrote
    it, to inspire you. Please let me know if I’ve accomplished my mission :)

  23. Green Smoothie Habit says:

    Thank you! I appreciate your support and kind words.

  24. Congratulations on the book! It’s like giving birth. And welcome back;
    you’ve been missed . . .

  25. smckeithen says:

    Hi Jane, I just pre-ordered my book. I can’t wait to get it!

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