Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving Part 23

Learn step by step how to carve Watermelon Bowl.
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  1. John Morton says:

    You’re so talented; thank you so much for sharing your art with the world.
    I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to make each of your

  2. Kimi hoshi says:

    This is amazing! Your carving art is very clean and beautiful. You are very
    gifted! :)

  3. Beebie Beetle says:

    that’s really nice, but the video was a bit long, so I didn’t watch it all
    the way through

  4. Osmar Vargas says:

    Where can I buy this nives? Thanks.

  5. nashima be says:

    this is so amazing. i love it so much. ur art is great. keep it up <3

  6. nino scanu says:


  7. divina alvarado says:


  8. shukoor n says:

    BEAUTIFUL arrangement !! words cannot express !!
    Wonderful,wonderful,wonderful !!

  9. Sabrina Won says:

    Amazing….loving it….

  10. farzana damudifarzana says:

    I am crazy about your have a very nice way of teaching..and
    anyone will be inspired.Thank you so much. keep it up.

  11. omg i think im on a different planet.

  12. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    thank you very much for your comment on my channel!

  13. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    U can carve out flowers 3 days in advance and place in plastic container
    cover with damp cloth store in fridge until u ready to use.

  14. artty1000 says:

    You very talented and thank you for your videos.

  15. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Thank you and appreciate your comment on this video!

  16. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Your welcome it is easy once u know the technique, thank you for your
    comment on my channel!

  17. Beautiful work! You are a joy to watch.

  18. Edith Alon says:

    YOU’RE AMAZINGֱֱ!!!!

  19. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Thank you for your comment!

  20. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    At 1st it might take longer and not going to look good but in time with
    letter practice it going 2 look perfect!…. :-)

  21. Edith Alon says:


  22. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Thank you for your comment happy that u enjoyed this video!

  23. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    So sorry that it didn’t turn out for u but I see u have fun trying thank
    you for your comment, keep trying and stay carving!

  24. its such a pity that this beautiful piece of art will be rotten one day :/

  25. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Thank you very much for your comment on my channel!

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