Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving Part 5

Basic Thai Carving.


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  3. BhartiLodaya says:

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  5. Subha Dipu says:

    thanks for the wonderful video

  6. meiimei989 says:

    it so amazing I keep watching u videos I forgot to have my lunch thank you

  7. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @subhadipu Your welcome, I’m glad that u enjoys my show and may be able to
    use my technique in some way.

  8. appreciating88 says:

    so happy that i subscribed you, thanks sharing all wonderful techniques.
    can you please lets me know where i can buy the carving tools that you
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  9. amaniemom says:

    Thanks for sharing looks impressive.

  10. eurydice77 says:

    What was the name of the carrot sharpener? I’d like to buy one.

  11. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @carmelangeliqe Thank you for your comment delighted that you enjoy my

  12. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Welcome to fruit/vegetable carving friends club, I’m glad the u enjoy my
    technique! Stay carving.

  13. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    U welcome Im glad u enjoys it.

  14. Betina Ovalles says:

    hello i really love your work, this you have a wed side.

  15. Munira Bagasrawala says:

    hello, just recently started watching your videos , they r just excellent.
    learnt alot specially basics.

  16. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

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