Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving Part 6

Easy Radish Corrugated U-Shape Carving. Hello everyone!!! Another easy series 2 do technique that I create, I hope u all going 2 enjoy this. We going 2 use c…
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Speaker: Dr. Nusret Yurter, CEO Taze&Kuru Inc., Turkey “Leveraging the Private Sector for Agricultural Innovation in Development” Manna Center Program in Foo…
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  1. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @theshadydog7700 Appreciate your comment and viewing my channel! Glad that
    you like this video.

  2. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @bobtk4 Appreciate your comment and viewing my channel, glade that you

  3. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    I order my on line; u may search garnishing tools and shop on line.

  4. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    U welcome thank for a comments.

  5. soothonie says:

    Where can i get the carrot sharpening tool?

  6. soothonie says:

    You’ve been introduced some very nice and handy carving tools that save

  7. theshadydog7700 says:

    @wtimm9 Im not just like this video i love all your videos

  8. jose francisco villpalna says:

    enorabuena, me tienes encantado con tus trabajos eres una profesional de
    los pies ala cabeza estoy deseando que subas mas lo esplicas fenomenal

  9. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @theshadydog7700 I’m glad that u enjoy all of my videos, thanks so much 4
    yr comment.

  10. Beautiful carvings…AND I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!

  11. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Thanks! I know that carving isnt easy so I offer a tools technique that
    everyone can enjoy carving.

  12. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    “ขอบคุณมากๆค่ะ สำหรับคำชม

  13. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Sorry I dont understand what u said, I only read English & Thai.

  14. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Thank you for follow up with my video. I hope this video it easy and
    interesting enough to give the viewer it a try.

  15. bob radon says:

    fantastic,good job

  16. theshadydog7700 says:

    Amazing i love your channel

  17. theshadydog7700 says:

    @wtimm9 Can u Plz Make a video about how to carve a watermelon

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