Fruit and Vegetable Carving Album 2

Fruit and Vegetable Carving Album 2.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn how to decorate the buffet or dining area with floral decor carved from fruit and vegetables. Detailed instructions and master chef tips for an excelle…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Niraj Thapa says:

    Good for knowledge

  2. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    All my carving albums are and ideas for advance carvers that need to get an
    idea for there carving, thanks for commenting!

  3. Rudy Ubalde says:

    it’s helpful and very easy to learn basically at home through this way of
    sharing knowledge by how to do it and to performed…

  4. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Thanks..! your works is nice too.

  5. GirtopolisArashiki says:

    Wow…very inspiring g

  6. very nice

  7. Breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  8. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @GirtopolisArashiki Thank you very much for watching and commenting on my
    food art channel – I really appreciate it…hope u visit often!!! :-)

  9. Very beautiful. I enjoy seeing your work.

  10. Ok I understand. Thanks

  11. Ieshah Khalid says:

    awesome work

  12. w0w its a mazing i love it lol.

  13. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @debeash Thank you I really appreciate your comment on my channel!

  14. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    Thank you amaniemom for viewing my video. For the jagged carrots flower u
    need to watch Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving Part 2 to learn the basic
    carving only make jagged flower insert for the whole flower.

  15. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @ThePazot Thanks 4 yr comment and viewing my channel! glad that u enjoy
    this album.

  16. Chuncarve Fruitstylist says:

    @aieshakhalid Thanks for your comment…I really appreciate it!!!

  17. giovanni cambria says:

    very nice!!!

  18. si thang Pham says:
  19. Rosita Noculan says:

    wow!!!! you are amazing!

  20. dianne95able says:

    excellent and he teach the step by step technique in curving. well done. i
    would like to learn from him and the easy way of curving technique. well
    done from uk. blackpool.

  21. debraculbreath says:

    Great presentation- It is very easy to understand, it is very detail. I
    love it!

  22. Mayuri Mohan says:

    nice superb

  23. Sujatha Ganesh says:

    Please advise where can I get the U and V tool and carving knife?Whom to
    contact for buying these tools.

  24. raymund cahutay says:

    nice one chef..

  25. WOW !!!

  26. he was my chef before:)

  27. journeymnme says:

    Quite the artist:)

  28. raymund cahutay says:

    nice one chef..

  29. samia hasan says:

    yes 100%

  30. it i amasing.i love to learn more.i am in maharashtra india.looking for
    basic tools for carving.where should i get it?

  31. Любовь Лютенко says:

    Спасибо !

  32. Benjamin Fernandes says:

    nice chef bala

  33. gladietita says:

    fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. oftenbird17 says:


  35. Paul Nicholas says:

    google Fruit Carving Tools.

  36. Paul Nicholas says:

    search on the internet..plenty available

  37. leaann perez says:

    NICE ONE …:)

  38. merwrw asegwg says:

    excellent work chef!!

  39. i would like to purchase the tools and cd also. pl let me know the cost of
    it and the procedure how to get and from where to get? it will be very
    helpful to me.

  40. ApplePiezz4u says:

    beautiful work!

  41. MegaShan34 says:

    awesome !!!

  42. Latika Pentha Behera says:

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