Recipe 1 cup of half&half, tsp vanilla extract, 2oz of agave nectar or honey, 1lb of frozen mixed tropical fruit or 1lb of frozen mango and 20sec on high with a Vita-Mix 5200
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please follow me on twitter @cubanwithatwist and our Facebook page ; ) ingredients needed for this recipe. 1) fresh fruit 2) ice cream 3) Voli Vodka this is a recipe on how to make a dessert with a little bit of Voli vodka. hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you guys think ; )


  1. What was the frozen fruit you used?

  2. Tsukii974 says:

    Thanks for writing the ingredients !! (I’m french and I’m not very good in english :/ But I really wanted to make your recipe because it looks really appetizing ;) )
    And I have a question: Have you plan to show us how to make cake ? Because I love cake *.*

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