Fruit Finger Family – Nursery Rhymes For Children

Here comes the a Brand New Nursery Rhyme “Fruit Animal Finger Family”.To watch all our popular nursery rhymes click on the playlist Fo…

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  1. Mahesh Mhanere says:


  2. Corrine Fry says:


  3. Yay yay yay games says:


  4. Videogyan Kids - Nursery Rhymes For Children says:
  5. priya kumar says:


  6. shoua vang says:
  7. Kin Peng Chan says:
  8. Siow Luke says:


  9. Furious Pete says:

    So many hate comments. Do something different and people get scared. Don’t
    be scared. Be Curious…and Furious…but mostly Curious :)

  10. jayeshdevofficial says:

    Don’t waste food like that man

  11. THATlad NOBLE says:

    Why are people moaning about him wasting food, firstly he’s already said he
    ate it and Crazy Russian hacker will back him up there. Secondly this food
    isn’t in Africa, nor could it have gone to Africa as its sold in america
    and I’m pretty sure it would be pointless shipping like 8 fruits over, so
    stop whining and bitching and enjoy the video. 

  12. Anthony Lu says:

    Kids starving in Africa D:

  13. Dudes in Africa are watching this like “oh fuck it took me 4hrs just to
    walk to the watermelon patch to pick that and this mother fucker just
    smashed it” 

  14. Clint Baker says:

    Why is everyone copying Slow Mo Guys now? And all that food going to waste.
    You are suppose yo eat that shit Peter. Keep your content original, this
    was not entertaining you jackass.

  15. kokaha river says:

    wow you weak can’t break a watermelon with only one hand

  16. Anthony P says:

    the lemon looks like a girl squirting…

  17. Motionless24 says:

    first world fun.. :D

  18. Yifei Zheng says:

    Meanwhile in Africa……….

  19. leif sunde says:

    What am I doing with my life?

  20. Katie Trow says:

    What a waste of food people are starving out there :(

  21. jose jimenez says:

    Am i the only one that felt squeemish when he squished the kiwi? Felt like
    a death grip on my balls. 

  22. Tyler Green says:

    You made that fruit your bitch

  23. Crystal Blanco says:

    Them pecks tho damn <3

  24. Antonio Manzano says:

    Weird.. yet amusing

  25. Wow, all them haters? Why is no one complaining like this on the videos
    where he eat like 5 pounds of food, its not like he needs to do that, and
    no one is calling that a waste, Wow! I bet 99% of the haters dont even
    donate a single shit anyways.. And in my country 12 pounds of food is
    thrown away every week, this is just a couple of fruits

  26. TheMonkeyNetwork says:

    Lol @ Wasting food, since when was this on the agenda? Who cares if he
    doesn’t eat 8 FRUITS. Like come on people you’re getting butthurt over him
    smashing 8 fruits for peoples entertainment! If you care so much about it
    leave a constructive criticism comment and that’s it lol. “children in
    Africa are starving and you’re wasting food” – Yeah i like to see you go
    all the way out to Africa and feed them, oh wait none of you will. 

  27. xiiBuzzinx says:

    We’ll the bananas where pointless. 

  28. Eat a jar of nasal napalm

  29. Johanna Decastro says:

    stop saying its useless. what about u make videos and he calls u useless

  30. Gregory Urena says:

    Not the watermelòn D:

  31. almost 80,000 views for this…..society is so bright

  32. sunPitong ji'ii says:

    Slaughter an pig in slow-mo



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