Lonnie plays the arcade machine version of the popular iOS game Fruit Ninja at Dave & Busters :) Note: this video was filmed about half a year ago and that’s… – Blog Post: This was a “State” border crossing from Nevada i…
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  1. Filip Ivanovsky says:


  2. Crocky Ladd says:

    Lonnie great vid. Do you play clashof clans :-)
    Any chance of a shoutout XD in ur vid :-)

  3. Hannah Yates says:


  4. I wanna go there :-[


  5. Monstercu says:

    Well… Better on windows 8 touchscreen laptop :)

  6. YouNoube Pixelgravity says:

    Keep up the good work

  7. Mrbeani Videosu says:

    HI LOONIE :)

  8. Sabrina Volz says:

    is that at pennslavania

  9. henry ward says:

    play jumpy jack!!!

  10. jazzy brown says:

    Was he at Dave and busters ?

  11. rodhan347 says:

    Snap chat

  12. tiel Min says:

    Did he put his braces back on?

  13. Carrie Hope says:

    best gamer eve *claps*

  14. lewis salter says:

    hi lonnie can you do simpsons tapped out game

  15. Amanda Gilley says:

    Play survival craft

  16. braden8361 says:

    Are you at timezone or something

  17. M&Melefant64 says:

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  18. ToastySpeakers says:

    Lonnie, you’re freakin awesome.

  19. GeekyGirlyGamer says:

    omg I know where that is I played it before

  20. Mika Saluta says:

    There is also a jetpack joyride one

  21. Sarah Fridley says:

    Where can I buy a Lonnie…

  22. JonosCreativity says:

    Lonnie, great video. Play clash of clans

  23. Saad Kadli says:

    My high score score is 930 in arcade mode and 929 in classic mode i dont
    play zen mode

  24. jenna maria says:

    You’re so cute!!

  25. Freddeh Fuentes says:

    why does he talk like that? Irish?

  26. Gavin Seim says:

    Had a little encounter yesterday. Road tripping is hard these days. It’s
    time to put an end to checkpoints of ALL kinds.

  27. To be honest he was not detaining you. He just asked you a simple question,
    which any man can ask.

  28. “Go ahead and open up the back please”
    LOL She would be great working for North Korea.

  29. Frank Lein says:

    “California, Arizona, Texas…”
    Hey Jackhole, you forgot about a state in the southwest….

  30. EstehWey says:

    If anything this guy could be trafficking drugs

  31. Damion Sponbeck says:

    i love the way this man refused the checkpoint he wasn’t disrespect full
    and gave his reasoning and that’s all you need to do 

  32. Nick tom says:

    Do you have any fire wood

  33. GoVir4l says:

    Do you have any fire world?

  34. Khan Farshatok says:

    BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the first person making a video that
    i have seen do this right. GOOD JOB SIR!!!! BRAVO!!!

  35. sillydillydokieo says:

    hahaha billy fuckin won me over. billy is funny as fuck.

  36. Andrew Pfeiffer says:

    Government employees are usually pretty dumb ,state level, federal you name

  37. Gary bucy says:

    this man is a hero , we need more like this…subscribed.

  38. amor rico says:


  39. david smoothe says:

    Love you brother

  40. RedNosePitbullMT says:

    this guy in the car is a fucking faggot go shove your head back up your ass
    and leave these people alone their doing their job you asshole.

  41. Maxi Immerz says:

    America is a free Land! Bull shit 

  42. pshkiemaster says:

    This guy is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Checkpoints have been interpreted by
    the judicial branch as not being against the constitution. That is why
    checkpoints still exist. We need to interpret the constitution and apply it
    to a myriad of situations. Sometimes you have to slightly curtail
    individual freedoms for the greater good or for public safety. This is why
    you can’t go into a crowded theater and scream “fire” and then hide behind
    freedom of speech.

    Billy did his job well. What a dignified individual.

  43. attananightshadow says:

    I’m surprised people are allowed to breath air without permission air in

  44. thunderbird002 says:

    Video break down
    He is running for public office and does not understand the bill of rights?
    Call me silly, But does not your drivers hand book say ” you must full
    rules and laws of the road ?
    Check point were found to be legal under the constitution. Same as giving
    your name.
    Kinda sounds like Capt Kirk, just before a something bad turns into a good
    And his poor wife listen to him and saying “I want to just get home and
    watch twilight”
    I need my iPhone to quote wiki !
    So after all that and making joke of your self . You decide to tell people
    you dont know and that could be police or DHS that you were carrying
    nothing. Did that statement really make sense? If you were smart you
    wouldnt havent said it at all. Of I forgot , you are running for congress

    Are we in a rush , sounds like you are going faster
    So what about tolls?
    So many died for liberty ? People die for ideas.
    Our forefather of this country started a war because they didnt want pay
    taxes to a far away king. Ok cool , but I would understand if these men
    were everyday people you pant them as , there were very rich men that didnt
    want to pay taxes and having the poor fight for them and then figure out .
    you need taxes to run a country.
    liberty is not human rights. Look how we treat everything around us. We
    have this self rightness way because we think ?
    We have few rights, live, eat , poop and die ( you notice I didnt say
    birth, why ? because yours and my birth is random chance. If your egg didnt
    make it, then you are not here )
    well its clear you dont ether.
    Hmm liberty is not for breaking a law
    and picking up hitchhikers

    So like how to deal with an issue? I know how about spray in large amounts
    of bug spray over everyone ? Or how about putting up a wall to the sky ?
    Or how about do nothing at all, and when the killer bees make a nest in
    your home then you will cry out “why didnt the government stop this?
    Because the bees have rights as well.

    And you are willing to put your child safety at risk
    Ifs funny just about everyone before said the same thing and after they win
    , they are like “Who are you “

  45. RHallman321 says:

    Hey! Come on, man! Captain Douchebag was just trying to “protect the
    environment”!!! You gotta watch those pesky, sneaky fruits! Next thing you
    know they’re mating with all of our indigenous fruits and before you know
    it, we have no more fruit as we know it, just super-hybrid man-eating
    fruits! Lemme tell ya, those banapples are friggin’ ruthless, man! One of
    em got my cousin! I’ll miss you, Dave! Lol! :)

  46. redword2007 says:

    This guy sounds like he thinks he is some kind of freedom fighter! lol

  47. Scott Reimann says:

    hahaha i love it when your wife bust up laughing when he says he trying to
    protect the environment

  48. Michael Sailors says:

    bro, that beard’s pretty crooked. 

  49. vegasfordguy says:

    I went through the CA checkpoint and those bastards took my cherries from
    me! I had 2 pounds of cherries that I had just purchased at Wal-Mart in
    Vegas for $5 bucks a pound! From then on I just say no to everything and
    I’m on my way. BTW: bad things do NOT go into CA. They come out of CA.
    Gangs, drugs, illegal aliens just to name a few.

  50. k.c. Ferrill says:

    I actually think Mr. Seim has a mental problem. He certainly has an ego

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