Fruit Ninja vs Skittles – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer

Fruit Ninja vs Skittles by Halfbrick Studios Worlds will collide in the most colourful Fruit Ninja game ever made! Fruit Ninja vs. Skittles® is a place where…


  1. Pedro Gomes says:

    You play so bad!

  2. Никита Щеглов says:


  3. anoob john says:

    100 200 0 HAHA he was a loser

  4. Alyssa Tranchina says:

    Where can u download this

  5. Mintz Inlove says:

    limited edtion game !!

  6. Saeed Alkhulaidi says:


  7. Afrah Alkhulaidi says:

    It is on the App Store

  8. santario santiago says:

    It isn’t on the App Store

  9. santario santiago says:

    When will this come out

  10. Hik Games says:


  11. Jamie Avery says:

    I can’t play it anymore when I go on it says ‘thank you for playing’ then
    you slice a fruit Which you’ll be brought to half brick on the App Store

  12. legos1236 says:

    taste the fruit

  13. Carsten Kvammen says:

    Are you fucking serious?

  14. TouchGameplay says:

    Currently it`s only on iOS out and only at three different Region
    (NL/GB/DE) might launch someday in the future globally and on Android too.

  15. demosteam says:

    The worst thing about this is that it is just a re-texture of the arcade

  16. Eren the Titan slayer says:

    Is it coming to the U.S.A

  17. cconan97 says:


  18. TouchGameplay says:

    Yeah looks like it`s only out in Europe.

  19. PetZebra says:


  20. t1nyheroes says:

    This game only available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany,
    Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom

  21. TheSpidermanJerry says:


  22. Maria Goran says:

    You doesn’t know how to make combos ?

  23. KILLEROFSLAPPY2000 says:

    I have this it’s so fucking boring and laggy

  24. Ladybugliscp says:

    Haha! XD skittles taste the rainbow vs Fruity fruit ninja! Goooooo Skittles!

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