Why does an apple always represent “The Forbidden Fruit”?

by oskay

Question by Connie: Why does an apple always represent “The Forbidden Fruit”?
Why can’t it be bananas, grapes, oranges, something else!
Please explain.

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Answer by katydint
The Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life and everything elso on earth was destroyed in the great Flood of Noah’s day; there is no record of what exact fruit it was that was symbolic for “the knowledge of good and bad”.
Some dufas started saying “apple” and it caught on.

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  1. It’s jsut something that caught on, like how Jesus is pictured to be white when he was obviously from middle eastern descent. The forbidden fruit was probably not an apple but sinc eone person drew it as that other people decided to do so also.

  2. Kelcy_loves_Dex says:

    because when eve took the fruit off the tree in the garden of eden and ate it she introduced sin to the world. it is represented by an apple because of a misunderstanding of the Latin “malum”, where malum as an adjective means evil, but as a noun means apple

  3. The actual translation of the forbidden fruit is an orange, not an apple. Apples were not around during that time period.

  4. Elizabeth H says:

    The words Forbidden fruit stand as a metaphor (an image). The metaphor comes from the book of Genesis in the Bible. There Adam and Eve are thrown out of Paradise because they eat from the tree of knowledge.[1]

    Most often, people thought the fruit was an apple. The Bible does not say what kind the fruit is. In Judaism the fruit is believed to be either a grape, a fig, a citron or wheat. Most scholars say that the type of fruit is not forbidden, it was just the fruits of that particular tree that were.

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