Seafood Gratin (Gratin de Fruits de Mer)

To get the written recipe, click this link: Bechamel: 5 tablespoons (70 grams) butter, 2/3 cup (80 grams) all-purpose flour, 4 1/4 cups (…
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Une délicieuse pastille aux fruits de mer et saumon. Pour les détails de la recette cliquez sur ce lien :…
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  1. cookingwithalia says:

    so glad you liked it :-)

  2. shah zeshan says:

    I will try this soon tommorow inshaallah

  3. Nice one alia, just missing creme fraîche for the sauce and it will be

  4. thanks for the recipe just a note though i like your old presentation better

  5. Cody Lawrence says:

    i made this and it was faboulous…i added scallops and that made it even

  6. Lovely thank you Alia

  7. beyondbeautystarfan1 says:

    Do I have to use shrimp, becuase I’m allergic:(( looks really delicious

  8. mmm looks so good.

  9. Paree PREITY says:

    Aliaji Why you put rice in the Gratin.

  10. Veronica Hastings says:

    I’ve been craving seafood all morning. I’ll try this for lunch.

  11. Cheryl Fallon says:

    This looks so good. I look forward to trying this recipe! Thanks for

  12. dayana jolie says:


  13. I am so making this next party I have thanks these recipies are awesome!!

  14. I’ve been loving all of your recent recipes! Thanks as always for posting
    them :)

  15. ilikerubiconmango says:

    Do you not de-vein the shrimp ?

  16. Yashasama1 says:

    Très bonne recette llah i3tik se7a , j’utilise la même pour mon gratin sauf
    que je remplace le riz par des pommes de terre râpé, I think you shoul try
    it sometimes ;)

  17. Hilah Cooking says:

    Delicious! I’m so hungry now!

  18. aydin anwar says:

    wow this looks really good. im going to make this for my family :) thank

  19. cookingwithalia says:

    it’s fancy in a sense that it’s very different from what people may be used
    to :-) If you go to a French restaurant and order this dish (here in the
    U.S.) it’s super expensive!

  20. Shaziyeh Faghirzadeh says:

    thanks !

  21. GoliathAngelus says:

    A tip from me… Don’t forget to remove the intestine of the shrimp

  22. scarla3181 says:

    merci pour t recette t une vrai hadga ;) tbarkllah alikkk gros

  23. rivergal47 says:

    Bravo, Alia. Professional and delightful video. You always make cooking
    your recipes fun.

  24. Laura Oueddir says:

    *Sigh* get off your high horse and stop trolling.

  25. Khadija El Berhoumi says:

    Looks delicious and sounds really easy! Thanks Alia for all the great
    recipes! Me and my sister are great fans of your cooking =) Cheers from a
    Canadian morocan :)

  26. Recettes Maroc says:

    VIDÉO de la pastilla aux fruits de mer et saumon. Pour tous les détails de
    la recette, cliquez sur ce lien

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