Etymology tree of the word “Lemon”?

by nexus6

Question by Poppy Bun: Etymology tree of the word “Lemon”?
I’m working on this art project and I really need, at least 90% correct etymology tree of the word “lemon”.

All I could find was that it either came from the Sanskrit or Persian and no exact order, which is VERY important for the etymology tree I’ll be painting.

I would be more than thankful if you could write down the exact order of how the word changed through the centuries and maybe even something like this:

thanks guys..but I already checked the internet ..I will try to check out this dictionary, but I’ll still wait for more exact answer

Best answer:

Answer by N.B. Jones
go to the library and look up some etymology books. The Oxford Dictionary should give you enough to go on.

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  1. Hi Poppy..,
    This is a short word history of ‘lemon': ‘WORD HISTORY:Although we know neither where the lemon was first grown nor when it first came to Europe, we know from its name that it came to us from the Middle East because we can trace its etymological path. One of the earliest occurrences of our word is found in a Middle English customs document of 1420–1421. The Middle English word limon goes back to Old French limon, showing that yet another delicacy passed into England through France. The Old French word probably came from Italian limone, another step on the route that leads back to the Arabic word laymn or lmn, which comes from the Persian word lmn.’
    Please compare the source website!
    Good luck,

  2. type of citrus fruit, c.1400, from O.Fr. limon “citrus fruit,” from O.Prov., from Ar. laimun or Pers. limu(n), generic terms for citrus fruits (compare lime); cognate with Skt. nimbu “the lime.” Slang meaning “a Quaalude” is 1960s, from Lemmon, name of a pharmaceutical company that once manufactured the drug. Lemonade is first recorded 1663, from Fr. limonade; earlier Eng. spelling was lemonado (c.1640) with false Sp. ending.

  3. Since China is the world’s largest producer of lemons and Persia was on the silk road it is possible the word lemon is from Chinese and was taken into the Persian language.

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