Grow a Mango Tree! Delicious and FUN!

Here’s a super fun and easy project you can do with your kids, your neighbor kids or any kid you happen to have lying around the house. The mango is deliciou…
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  1. Haleene Williams says:

    You can feel the seed in the mango from the outside, so let your knife (I
    use a sharp one but don’t cut as much as I just let it slip down the seed)
    follow the seed from top to bottom. This will cut off one side.
    Do the same for the opposite side, then the two much smaller edge pieces.
    Score the mango inside the mango skin (the size you would want your mango
    pieces to be) then turn the skin inside out. You just follow the skin with
    your knife to have nice Mango chunks. AND… You can eat or let the kids
    have the seed to finish off what wasn’t taken with it. There very juicy,
    so no escaping the juices but their also very good and fun to eat. IN
    picking a Mango they are more yellow and red and not green. Give them a
    light squeeze to see if they are soft. That’s the sweetest. THough if
    buying several to last a few days, you might want them to ripen later in
    stages, so the harder ones would be the best to wait for.

  2. colliecandle says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Manga !
    A great video – informative and your personality is excellent – many thanks
    for the info. I think it beholden on everyone to obtain NON gmo seeds and
    grow real fruit and veg – enjoy the very real benefits of the Almighty’s

  3. Phil Harris says:

    My favorite fruit. I am gonna try to grow one in a pot so I can keep it
    alive in winter. I live in zone 7b and I am afraid our winter would kill
    it. Memphis, TN.

  4. rocky315w says:

    you peal the mango then cut off the meat and eat and presto you are left
    with the seed. Did you know that the most common eaten fruit in the world
    is the mango, what have guessed the banana myself.

  5. leyteris koutounis says:

    my mango is round like an egg it doesnt have a belly …..

  6. andrew richards says:

    thanks alot man

  7. Deborah Davis says:

    Love your video Ray. You showed exactly the information I needed. Thanks
    for the share! I am going to try this very soon along with a pineapple top
    and avocado. 

  8. MTwithcool says:

    Awe that’s a real shame. Sorry to hear ..Try again with new wisdom cover
    the plants with a net. I believe all the fruit trees available here are
    grafted. But will try your example from the inner seed. I have a few bags
    of mangoes right now and as soon as we eat them will try your seed
    approach. Will keep you updated. I am still in planning stage for the rest
    of the fruit as space is now a problem and trellis seems a good way to

  9. Amy Sidious says:

    you are nice :)

  10. carloscamaras says:

    cool video, thanks!

  11. kwo dell says:

    Feed me, Seymore! 

  12. Sanj Gunetileke says:

    Thanks for this video. I never knew you could open a mango seed like that,
    and I have eaten thousands of mangos (since I am from a tropical island).
    I am going to plant a mango!

  13. alizon carrillo says:


  14. nick zoom says:

    i picked a 900 gram mango the other day :D

  15. does Mango grow in Denver?

  16. Gerry Seely says:

    will you grow all fruit from seed or as many as you can?

  17. Michael Williams says:

    Thanks to you my mango seed is growing good. I also sent you pictures and
    hope you got them.

  18. Kerry T says:

    I didn’t think there were people who don’t know what a mango is or tastes
    like :/

  19. Barbi Jo Mcgill says:

    awesome , I will try this

  20. gianni drudi says:

    I just followed all the steps =)…I hope it will grow

  21. Thomas Watson says:

    A mango is related to Poison Ivy, and that is why you don’t eat the skin!

  22. Joe Bassett says:

    I accidentally scraped a little bit of the seed but did not puncture the
    inside of it. Is this okay? I’m a little worried that I screwed up the
    seed… The seed is fine and so is the root. Is just the way I placed my
    butter knife, it scraped the seed a little bit… :(

  23. Tyler Bolton says:

    peter piper picked a pickled preserved pepper

  24. Tyson Milligan says:

    Define Heat like 30º Because were i live that is the hotist it will EVER
    get and i don’t have a spare room to ‘Blast’ the heat

  25. deaconsmom2000 says:

    I agree, there are piney notes to mangoes. I love them. :D

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