Have you ever eaten a “Mango”?

Question by J☼E: Have you ever eaten a “Mango”?
I love man-goes………
Yes I’m talking about the fruit, and no I’m not gay………….!

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Answer by jrsygrl
I sure have

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  1. ruthvelasquez says:

    yup i shure do

  2. Emmanuel S says:


  3. yes :-)

  4. Fluorescent Adolescent says:

    The fruit? Or is this a euphemism for something else?

    Mangoes are yummy.

  5. The are delectable

    Hey, have a swell day. :)

  6. Yep. And the best place to eat them is in the bath. That way, you can hose yourself off afterwards. LOL

  7. Maria..Hehe..[is single] says:

    Yep, them things are surely good.

  8. ♥HollisterAllison♥ says:


  9. Deborah W. says:


  10. mmmmm mango…

  11. Yes, but I haven’t been able to buy one at the store — I can’t figure out how to choose one and no one seems to be able to tell me. Maybe I should ask that question.

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