How to Cut a Mango

Chef Allen Susser demonstrates how to properly cut a Mango. Find other mango tips and recipes at
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  1. Atixyami says:

    I didn’t know harry potter played melee

  2. zacharyp32 says:

    Mango was playing shit and M2K was just playing how he normally does. Mango
    must have not been practicing much with all the mistakes he was making. He
    suicided like 5 times and just laughed each time. It didn’t seem like he
    was in practice nor did it seem he was taking it seriously. Of course M2K
    played great also.

  3. That asian kid in the green jacket cracks me up. typical mango fangirl it
    seems xD

  4. Brian Fantana says:

    So many virgins in that room.

  5. Ludwin Vielman says:

    That commentator was shit talking Mango super hard for no reason.
    What a fucking loser.

  6. mikecmtong says:

    9:00 this shit got way too sentimental haha

  7. FinalBass says:

    mew2kings face at 6:09 till 6:11. He was definitely feeling the pressure xD

  8. Nightsky071 says:

    M2K is one of the nasties Smash players that I have seen. I watched a live
    stream on Twitch.. This dude was destroying everyone he plays against.. It
    was so bad I stopped watching

  9. ChemicalGrenade says:

    rofl “M2K’s the Fire Nation right now.” I lost it xD

  10. penispenischeetos says:

    im no mango fanboy, in fact i prefer the king, but its blatantly obvious
    mango wasnt trying at all this tournament. 

  11. Slatanata22 says:


  12. how out of the loop do you have to be to call mangos falco bombsoldier.

  13. Zero King says:

    mango didnt go fox? which means he didnt try

  14. Jordan Wandling says:

    Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation went Marth on FD.

  15. Daniel Smith says:

    6:50 -> Box in, drop through ledge fair, perfectly canceled to uair back
    through the ledge -> convert the stock.

    That is a SOLID Shiek

  16. Aethan Thorson says:

    All hail, the King of the Mews!

  17. Dillon beroog says:

    That game was bullshit…mango was F-ing up so many times…if he didn’t
    make those mistakes like sd’s he would have won.

  18. Diomil Montes de Oca says:

    Mango lost but he’s still the best Melee player out there, and the guy
    below is right, he didnt go with Fox because he knew he’d lose and he
    doesnt want people to think his Fox has no chance against M2K

  19. Sled Eddy says:

    mangos marth….lawwd

  20. Maioneselover says:

    He didn’t manage to win on Yoshi’s story even with the two cloud’s graces.

  21. VMAN4567 says:

    “Neither one of these characters are from space so I’m confused.”
    Fuckin lol

  22. ClementonTyrer says:


  23. Christopher Castle says:


  24. cross25011990 says:

    this is what we want to see


    I keep having melee matches spoiled by seeing the amount of time remaining
    in the video, giving away who wins the last game while I watch. On some of
    the bigger matches you guys should consider putting a few minutes of empty
    video at the end of the matches, as to conceal which game will be the last
    while watching. Would make these a lot better to watch. Think about it :)

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