Annoying Orange HFA – Bad News Pears

Watch the ENTIRE season #1 of my TV show on Hulu: HEY! Play my new mobile game Splatter Up now! It’s FREE! FREE iOS Splatter …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Watch the ENTIRE season #1 of my TV show on Hulu: HEY! Play my new mobile game Splatter Up now! It’s FREE! FREE iOS Splatter …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Zombie George Washington says:

    ZGW would like to put his teeth onto the Pear bwains and bite them, then
    chew them and swallow them to have them in his tummy wummy. Is that too
    much to ask?

  2. Ugh, Un PEARable! HA! See what I did there? 

  3. cartoonlover98 says:

    why does annoying orange even need a TV show?

  4. bobjenz says:

    I remember this one!

  5. Swag Master says:


  6. The_Bitter®™ says:

    6:20… epic moment…

  7. Kalvin Trinh says:

    First comment

  8. CrazyCreeper says:

    This should be a TV show

  9. Illies Nait Sidi Ahmed says:

    Bad News Barrett

  10. bencool8970 says:

    Between 7:00 and 7:05 , I’m I the only second one who saw that was Copper
    Lictin replacing a bowling pin.

  11. Garrison Goldberg says:

    Did anyone notice Copper Lincoln as a bowling pin at 7:03?

  12. sam saunders says:

    why is it every episode except this one come up with this episode is not
    made for your country!!!

  13. Pixywings2013 says:

    we never usaly see yr shows in briten, so this is AMEZING!

  14. Sponge Dragon says:

    When will you release new episodes?

  15. MakeupByEvon says:

    haha awesome! 

  16. za0000222 says:


  17. Chan4Crafts says:

    so cute! I enjoy watching yall videos

  18. Hewylewis says:

    Come on! Upload Sir Juice-A-Lot already!

  19. ShiDao1211 says:

    Grapefruit! Use Rollout!

  20. lotrrotk says:

    You can only call it that if it’s baseball, has a parody of the plot of
    that movie, and isn’t a parody of anything else. Also, how can someone have
    hearing so horrible they hear 3 extra syllables that aren’t even there?
    Also, there are too many plot conveniences.

  21. TheFantasticTom says:


  22. Mirian Ceron says:

    Love your show

  23. siem sullot says:

    Hahaha the three stooges

  24. Mateusz Zych says:

    Yay! New episode of the annoying orange…wait…orange is angry and sad? 

  25. Mitchthemysteryman says:

    Is the show still on? Please let it be on please let it be on

  26. Annoying Orange says:

    HEY! Check it out – this Sour Rangers video is SWEET! HAHAHA!

  27. bobjenz says:


  28. Dane Boe says:

    IT’S HERE!!! The epic spoof of Power Rangers…SOUR RANGERS!

  29. Shira Lazar says:

    yay!! I play the pink ranger! 

  30. Mrawesome40 says:

    Did Any off you ever notice that in thé réal series the black ranger was
    always played by a black guy.

  31. Jennifer Phan says:


  32. 3:29 Haha, I always loved that music <3

  33. Nick Dyer says:

    Do a Hobbit spoof. Midget Apple would be a great hobbit.

  34. rick overvelde says:

    Greens power is his logic :)

  35. Super Saiyan Tayeb says:

    sour rangers fight against plumpkins evil twin ha ha ha

  36. kinght676 says:

    Shouldn’t there be five (I’m not complaining or anything its still a good
    parody) rangers where is the fifth? 

  37. Garrison Goldberg says:

    Lord Bread (Lord Zedd)

  38. SoMe GuY says:

    50 shades of grape

  39. Finn M. says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Kids at school say that the power rangers suck and stuff
    like that, so I thank you orange for making this video.

  40. tasos vezireas says:

    where is the blue one

  41. akirajotaro says:

    so… where’s blue?

  42. Julien Lefevre says:

    I like how marshmallow’s evil cousin kills the puppies (sorry if bad

  43. Bernardo Kampff says:

    I think they should fight grapefruit


  44. MysteriousBaconKing says:

    No one actually watches power rangers. It’s pretty dumb.

  45. MarioElements12 says:

    I saw the “Going into a Giant” symbol on todays episode of Annoying Orange
    (TV) in Colombia!

  46. chipperviews says:

    orange do super sentai spoof

  47. Steven Wisniewski says:

    Rtia Monster

  48. Snout rocks says:

    play NHL14 next it’s cool

  49. the_brodes says:

    The Sour Rangers should fight ORANGE!

  50. Hate the TV show, like this video. Another!

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