Annoying Orange HFA – Dr. Strangeplum

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Teresa Walsh says:


  2. Katsoma Fan says:

    MONSTER BOOTS/STEBON STEBON STEBON was born. #marshmallowunstable 

  3. 4:27, CREEPY RED EYES!

  4. Annoying Orange says:

    HEY! Check it out! It may be a little STRANGEPLUM, but it’s an another
    episode of my TV show here on YouTube!

  5. Tim Curry is the best villain ever


  7. ryan tapping says:

    Who recniss the shop owner is is tobygames

  8. Aland Kurdee says:

    I knew it!!! Passion likes orange!!

  9. HTFChannel fr says:


  10. Alfination Brony says:

    It’s not available in my country.

  11. Liam Williams says:

    Not available in the uk?

  12. Mindaugas Zdanavicuis says:

    Not available in England?..I see.RACIST CUZ WE NOT ORANGE WE WHITE OR

  13. Rosetta Brown says:

    I feel bad for Apple, something bad always happens to him or he gets
    excluded a lot 

  14. Garrison Goldberg says:

    Did anyone notice Copper Lincoln in the Statue room and a Hidden Mustachio
    at 9:25?

  15. ömer akgül says:

    hey is he toby? TOBUSCUS?

  16. Not in the UK? ;_;

  17. Anthony Ramses says:

    Hahahahaha thank god that my tab from US and im watching it in egypt!

  18. sonicxrandomness says:

    +Annoying Orange WOW! AWESOME VIDEO!!!
    But this new character is PLUM STRANGE!!! HAHAHA!!!

  19. MineCraftGal says:

    Marshmallow is a boy apple said why did you give HIM soda HES already made
    of sugar!

  20. This look like family guy the scary expose

  21. Dr. Strangeplum is joker?

  22. adam hickenlooper new video maker says:

    a littral cereal killer not a serial killer

  23. Reese Reese says:

    cool and scary but really cool

  24. gurra hanne says:

    1:09 the did say that marshmallo is a boy!

  25. Do Let it go from frozen. I’m sure every one wanted this for a very long

  26. Um… I don’t get why they’re so cute when they BLOW YOU UP ORANGE!

  27. Annoying Orange says:

    HEY! Don’t be RUDE! Check out my new Minecraft Parody song! HAHAHA!

  28. it’s not minecraft but annoying orange has really gone to sh*t and i prefer
    daneboe’s main channel but he only uploads like once every 3 months and all
    he’s doing is working on this new sh*tty version of annoying orange atleast
    make it more classic cos all the new things and character channels are
    making this sh*t even PewDiePie is getting younger audiences

    so basically i’m not watching your channel i’m staying subbed just in case
    you change your mind and stop this sh*t but i’m not watching this channel

  29. Zombie George Washington says:

    RAAAHHH!!!! Thumbs up if you think Cweeper Bwains are delicious!!!!

  30. Demeter Eszter says:

    Hey Orange I love your creeper song !

  31. 1st

  32. Well written but poorly performed- Definitely should have brought in a
    Youtuber who can sing.

  33. Oktay Dönmez says:

    dislike ! and its not cuz i can, because you are annoying orange, this
    little babies makes everyone play minecraft in youtube. stop playing it
    orange. i dont want to lost u 2

  34. Blaze Shadowblade says:


  35. Jussi Tuthill says:

    Radioactive parody!!!!

  36. Let it go to let it blow
    Counting stars to counting fruit

  37. Jade Roland says:

    did any one else see marshmallow in the backround at 1:55

  38. Did anyone else see marshmallow at 1:55

  39. Leonit Dina says:

    Play clash of clans

  40. Audrey Lewis says:

    He should do im the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N

  41. Milostreetgirl channel says:

    NAME?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!? ♥♥♥♥

  42. Asher First says:

    Fir- NO!

  43. Nicholas Taylor says:

    Hey orange nife

  44. Creepers can explode so dont get to close!

  45. The worst of all

  46. Daniselle Lopez says:

    I have a question. If orange goes in a coma can grapefruit or pear or
    whoever get worry or they just don’t care
    Sorry, I know it’s a little dark but I have been wonder ever since I was

  47. Let it go to let it blow
    Counting stars to counting fruit

  48. ShadesSrbija says:

    is IP of Annoying Orange server premium?

  49. YESSS

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