Annoying Orange – Rump Roast

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This is EXACTLY what happens when you play Cookie Clickers. Play on my new Minecraft Server! IP: Watch the ENTIRE s…


  1. Annoying Orange says:

    HEY! Meet Rump Roast! He’s the BUT of all my jokes today! HAHAHA!

  2. This episode came out great!!! I laughed my BUT off! HAHA!

  3. Poor Rump Roast. All too easy for Orange. In other news, I just passed
    20,000 subscribers! Thanks guys! 

  4. Midget Apple says:

    Oh brother. I think Orange almost short circuited meeting Rump Roast!

  5. Grapefruit says:

    OHHH!! I rule at Monopoly!!! #GrapefruitRules

  6. Trophyfish2 (Firox49600 and Johnsongresh) says:

    LOL! Butts.

  7. :D Uploaded so early!

  8. Nicole Fagel says:

    Can you do one direction

  9. TheCynicalPear says:

    Reminds me of the old episodes :’)

  10. Ryan Cheung says:


  11. Patrick's Daily and Weekly videos says:

    Make Captain Annoying Orange The Winter Bolder (Parody of Captain America
    The Winter Soldier 

  12. CreepGame (Steam) says:

    Rump Roast?

  13. cubemenot says:

    Ha. Reached before 301 views. Like if you did too. 

  14. LucKY Clan says:

    Hey it’s my birthday today I’m 8

  15. Coulden Pettit says:

    Hey, maybe in the next video you can make in into a BFDI (Battle for Dream
    Island) version of that. It might be just only for fun, strictly speaking.

  16. lotrrotk says:

    3:37 Spongebob references are the best!

  17. Elizabeth Cook says:

    Wow. You made YouTube channels for all the fruits? That’s low.

  18. YoungStar Zak says:

    I don’t like oranges laugh

  19. Goldmario5 says:

    “Orange is really gonna have fun with this guy”
    Oh god….

  20. Rebecca Parham says:

    Best episode in a while, guys! Great job!

  21. za0000222 says:


  22. bencool8970 says:

    At the end why did orange farted??? It was sooooo funny

  23. kinggogeta123 says:

    havent watched orange in years

  24. HTFChannel fr says:

    “Alright Alright Alright! Let’s play the Monopoly!” ^^

  25. Pixywings2013 says:

    best episode so far, great work!
    my fav bit was when orange was shocked

  26. Austin Powers says:

    I have

  27. Marshmallow says:


  28. LPS Cuddles says:


  29. pokesonav says:

    And now please play a REAL Cookie Clicker!

  30. Reem Al Janahi says:

    XD LOL so gonna play this game now!!!!

  31. Grapefruit says:

    I’m so much better at clicking than Orange! #GrapefruitRules 

  32. MrCookiesMC says:

    Wait what happend to the real annoying orange? Wheres the funny videos?
    Only gaming vids!? Waht!

  33. Marcus Ayrton says:

    253rd viewer!!!!

  34. 2012Eureka says:

    ….So did Orange have like 100 cups of coffee when playing this game or
    something? :p

  35. PvpArchers22 says:

    I stopped after my mobile broke in the hospital…

  36. GoreTheSweetestJerk says:

    Shoulda played the PC version.

  37. Mehdi Alsaadon says:


  38. Blain Lawlor says:

    ive got more cookies than him

  39. Swordsmasterguy says:

    Is this really a game? And when is Orange gonna play Skyrim? Or Fallout New

  40. Terraria Muramasa says:

    +Annoying Orange you should play *Terraria* next! Its a really awesome

  41. Justina King says:

    It’s the new Candy Crush!

  42. darkhole333 says:

    The original needs to come out with an app already 

  43. Ben Bolton says:

    I have about 3000000000000 cookies!

  44. Pixel Bros says:

    I have 19trillion cookies and 11 million per second!

  45. Luna Stars says:

    oh, Make a episode where Orange and Pear switch bodies, and since it’s on
    Orange’s part, Pear (In Orange’s body) tries to be annoying, and Orange (In
    Pear’s body) doesn’t do anything. At the end, a magical apple switches them

  46. Christian Sanchez says:

    Day one???? Maybe a countdown to something 

  47. pfff… i have more

  48. George player says:


  49. Swampy! says:

    this game is so boring, what’s the point?

  50. Jacki Otero says:

    play talking tom on a tellephone 

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