[MV] ORANGE CARAMEL(오렌지캬라멜) _ The Gangnam Avenue(강남거리)

[MV] ORANGE CARAMEL(오렌지캬라멜) _ The Gangnam Avenue(강남거리) LOEN MUSIC’s New Brand Name, 1theK! 로엔뮤직의 새이름 1theK! *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please…

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  1. 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC) says:

    Orange Caramel(오렌지캬라멜) ‘The Gangnam Avenue(강남거리)’ MV

    A funky dance number about a couple breaking up in Gangnam area! ORANGE
    CARAMEL strikes again with its funny, catchy lyrics>_< 불타는 금요일 밤. 강남거리에서 오렌지캬라멜이 외치는 ‘잘 먹고 잘살아라’!! 독특함 of 독특함! 오캬의 유쾌한 멜로디, 같이 들어요>_< http://goo.gl/1wS1Hn
    #오렌지캬라멜 #OrangeCaramel #강남거리 #TheGangnamAvenue #MV

  2. It seems like they bring out a really good single and then a really boring
    one. Lipstick and Shanghai Romance + Bangkok City, then Catallena + Abing
    Abing and now My Copycat + Gangnam Avenue.

    EDIT: I like Shanghai Romance. The “+”s apply when talking about the boring

  3. I Dont Like Seeing Se Ho And Nana Together. Sorry I Just Dont Ship Them (in
    my opinion). The Song Is Great Tho :)

  4. This would be a good DDR song lol.

  5. runamitchie says:

    1:14 I thought it was gonna be Psy kkkkk i ship Nana and Seho though

  6. Moon Jung Gi says:
  7. Nana Blank says:

    Is it just me or that sound at the beginning sort of sounds like the one in
    SHINee’s everybody? 

  8. xoxybluverxox says:

    Reminds me of jpop, like a DDR thing or could be a song for an animexD not
    their best song or mv but none of their songs are bad thus far 

  9. #ripeunb i cant listen this song, bad timing

  10. Valarie Wongg. says:

    why must seho be in it? D: but i love the song. 

  11. Why is Seho here? Are they trying to promote Roommate? I just want to see
    Orange Caramel including Lizzy and Raina ^^

  12. dan_sone16 says:

    I wasn’t looking at the MV when I started and only heard the audio and
    thought SHINee’s Everyday was starting. XD anyone else?? THIS SONG ROCKS

  13. Fahrizal Gunawan says:


  14. titouf2609 says:

    Oh man, the instrumental reminds me of what I used to listen to as a kid,
    at the end of the 90s & the begining of the century.
    This looks totally cheap (and sounds a bit cheap too) but I love it :D

  15. gabby sanchez says:

    Once I saw se ho, I started to crack up sooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Poor Na na xD

  16. Pledis, did you forget that you have After School and Orange Caramel is
    just a sub-unit ? -_-

  17. any other Europeans here who thinks this sounds like a song that would be
    on Eurovision?

  18. KingofKpop says:

    WTF? Who is that stubby man?

  19. Mèo Sone Sociu says:

    As a birthday gift for me ^^

  20. Bernadette Tran says:

    The second MV that Seho joined!!! It makes me totally believe in couple
    Nana-Seho more than before!!! Hehehehehehehehehehe

  21. M00Nillumination says:

    I wish to be 10 years younger, clubbing in S-Korea with this song while
    drinking Soyu!

  22. Natalie V-L says:

    I love how Kang Ho Dong is in this MV with Nana hahaha wow :) They
    seriously are close! #Roommate

  23. Nana dating with Seho???

  24. Richie Rich says:

    I feel like Nana and Seho are using each other for publicity. Nana clearly
    stated mutiple times she doesn’t want to date him but she keeps being
    “close” to him and stuff. Seho says he likes Nana but when he sees another
    (pretty) girl he forget about her. It’s getting really annoying now. I wish
    they were honest with each other but they know there are a lot of people
    (girls) who like this and see their “romance” like some sort of soap

  25. Mei Ling Wong says:

    awwwww… Nana <3 Love it

  26. Annoying Orange says:

    HEY! Wanna see some sweet TNT Minecraft Explosion action!?

  27. Annoying Orange says:


  28. Annoying Orange says:

    WOAH! My new Let’s Play Minecraft video is really BLOWING UP! HAHAHA!

    WATCH NOW: http://bit.ly/MinecraftTNTRevenge

  29. luis herrejon says:

    nowon whats to see you blow tnt do something like build a tower 

  30. Вася Пупкин says:

    *What is хуйня?*

  31. ElementalBuilds says:

    make a toilet hehehe

  32. Tiffany Pennington says:

    I loved it

  33. Kyle Johnson says:

    your a A$$hole

  34. My house

  35. Francisco Enriquez says:

    build a sexy naked girl

  36. Alex Lazaro says:

    O_O LOL

  37. Daniel Scarpelli says:

    Hey annoying orange can you invite miget Apple to the game PLZZZZ

  38. Tierra Harley says:


  39. gabriel aquino says:

    how you get fire flane without flint steel

  40. Liliana Rodriguez says:

    This is all fake

  41. Edith Pirker says:


  42. Hi Annoying Orange. Can you make a TNT buut

  43. Diana Akin says:

    A jiant orange

  44. Ella Bowers says:

    I love his face when he said is splodie time

  45. sean rickard says:


  46. poop

  47. Animals 

  48. dasia mack says:

    I am on team Edward to dude

  49. Alice Moore says:

    biud a house

  50. Adisyn Reynolds says:


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