Do you think Americans are fat because of the insane amount of variety of foods they eat?

Question by Maple Leaf: Do you think Americans are fat because of the insane amount of variety of foods they eat?

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Answer by Lunt
or maybe, just maybe, ‘cos Americana is a culture where a pizza gets to your house faster than an ambulance.

i mean, that might just have something to with it.

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  1. No, it’s because of the amount of salt, fat and sugar (corn syrup) that’s put into foods.

  2. No. Americans are fat because they don’t know how to limit themselves. Don’t get me wrong not all of them are like this. I’m from here and I’m not a freaking whale riding on a rascal. Most if the people i know are actually slim. Not everybody’s fat over here.

  3. no i think its more to do with the huge portions and the variety of junk that’s available to us

  4. No its because of the QUANTITY of food they eat….

  5. Americans don’t actually eat a *big variety of foods*, at least not in the way that Asians and Europeans do. US farms, since the Nixon era, have churned-out more than 600 extra calories of food, per person, per day that are sold at insanely cheap prices. The government subsidizes farmers to grow corn and soy, so that’s what they grow and that’s what the people eat, rounded out with wheat and rice. Four foods, usually heavily processed, to make more money for the food processors and which do nothing for the consumers except make them fat and, eventually, sick.

    The cheapest way to make starch, sugar and some fat is to grow corn. The cheapest way to make protein and fat is to grow soy. Even the beef animals in the American diet are fed corn and soy for a month or so before being slaughtered (but they also need a ton of antibiotics, as they were designed by nature to eat grass) and their crappy diet for fattening them up makes THEM ill as well.

    It’s not a secret, so you can find out the truth and tell all your friends! ;-)

    Very best wishes!

  6. The huge obese can be a poor choice of balanced diet.
    I eat a balanced large amount of food, I consider myself able to loose weight by light exercise.
    My perception has been the amount of processed food these people consume.
    The ingredients–contain chemicals that throw the body into a bad advantage.
    Cravings and food addictions.
    Sugar and preservatives.
    I eat a lot of food, I just create it from whole foods.
    My meals are recipes.
    Not, packages.

  7. I doubt it’s the variety of foods but the quantities. And a largely sedentary lifestyle. One of the biggest reasons Americans are overweight is sitting right in front of you at this moment.

    If you look carefully I think you’ll find that the majority of Americans don’t actually eat a huge variety of foods. They eat many different products made from the same ingredients. You can eat 20 different shapes of pasta for instance, but it’s all pasta. You can have hamburger and Salisbury steak, but it’s still ground beef. It’s a fairly well known fact that people with a variety of choices tend to eat more. There’s an old trick for making a cheap dinner party. Only prepare a couple of dishes rather than a great many and people will eat less.

  8. Lack of variety. We have lots of fast food place with high calorie food that does not keep hunger away long.

  9. Christinaa =] says:

    yea. It depends what they eat.

  10. Camarokid says:

    Wow thanks. Were fat bcuz like other people in the world we eat too much food and unhealthy foods. Stop picking on Americans.

  11. VeganMom says:

    Yes. The insane amount of the variety of fruits and vegetables and whole grains I eat have helped keep my six foot tall body somewhere between 150-160 pounds (and the two to four miles a day I walk).

    Yes, there is a wide variety of food and “food” in the US. In one grocery store one can find organic all-natural foods and “food” made in a chemistry lab. The problem is that most people, it seems opt for the latter stuff than the real stuff. (I like grocery shopping and seeing what people put in their carts.) Creative advertising and marketing convince people that the junk “food” is healthy and more convenient than the real food. For example– 90 calories “lean” “healthy” microwave “food” (because it’s easier than cooking real food, apparently), “made with real fruit” “made with whole grains”…. (I don’t think corporations expect consumers to be smart enough to read ingredients lists and decipher them.) As it is, I can put a baked potato in the microwave for about four minutes and heat water up for frozen vegetables in about five. There are a plethora of vegan meals that can be made quicker than a trip to a business that is neither fast nor sells food.

    I don’t think I can add more to what’s already been said. Well, I’ll add something Adam’s comments about soy and corn. With all of the soy and corn that are fed to the cows (soy and corn are not part of their natural diets), they could be fed straight to humans– cheaper and healthier and more people can be fed.

    Also, many people are sedentary– They sit at home. They sit and work. I live in a household with seven people– Two kids, four adults. Of the four adults, I’m the only vegan. (One is vegetarian, but still eats a lot of junk on a regular basis.) I’m also the only one who does not sit all day. I’m also the only one who opts for real food for every meal. Sure, some are packaged, like veggie burgers and veggie dogs, whole wheat crackers and cereals, but still better than the meat. In our town there are hills and poor sidewalks. That can be tough enough to navigate walking alone. However, when I’m pushing my 30-35 pound two-year-old in the jogging stroller, it’s even tougher (great upper body workout). When I can, I take a weekly yoga class at my church. (Well, the church that I attend a couple of times a month….) The church is a mile away and I walk there and home. (Seems kinda counter productive to drive to an exercise class when walking is just as easy.)

    As has been said, the common ingredients (white flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, artificial flavors– which I avoid) are common and cheap. (Unless it’s wheat saltines with white flour and whole wheat flour which are great for car trips or when one has an unhappy stomach. We started buying oyster crackers for my two-year-old as a treat for when my five-year-old had cheese Goldfish, which are a white/whole wheat blend.)

    Anyway, I’m rambling. I’ve had to deal with the kids who were “supposed to” sit quietly and watch TV (a treat for this early in the morning) so I could sit and have my coffee. Ha ha.

  12. Someone says:

    No, it’s the because of the variety of foods they eat. It’s because some don’t pay attention to serving sizes. They confuse them with portions, which is how much one eats not how much one should eat. They don’t always make good choices. They get confused about some labels, such as “reduced fat or low fat.” Just because it says any of those doesn’t mean that it has no fat. In addition, they can sometimes add more sugar to make it taste better. Some don’t bother to exercise either.

  13. Britany says:

    No, not because of the “variety”. It’s because the food choices we make.

  14. not because of variety but because they don’t know how to control or limit themselves. they like cookies and cake so they keep eating that, they like burgers and french fries, so they keep eating that. they don’t realise that they need a balanced diet. same reason why there are so many alcoholics and sex addicts. they just don’t know how to control themselves.

  15. I am vegan and I am not fat.

  16. Criminal Mind says:

    They eat a lot of fast food and processed rubbish.
    Alos portion sizes are HUGE over there. If you eat out a meal is triple the size it is in the UK.

  17. It’s a combination of unhealthy food (high fructose corn syrup is in literally everything) and the suburban culture. Americans think that if you have enough time to walk to a grocery store for some food, you aren’t managing your time correctly. I am in the minority where I live in that I live within about 15 minutes’ walking time from a store–I grew up in an area where it was impossible to get anywhere by walking in under an hour. This is because everyone feels entitled to live in a suburban home on a quarter-acre plot; preferably at least a mile away from any major road or supermarket.

    Plus, I live 23 miles away from where I work because I save more on mortgage payments than I spend on gas every month.

  18. ckngbbbls says:

    Ever wonder why Americans 100 years ago were also fat???
    I have photos of my ancestors when they arrived in the US in the late 1800’s. My grandmother is so wide she looked square when she sat down.
    She clearly never sat much, didn’t eat at Mcdonalds and didnt ride in a car all the time.
    Ever look at photos of Marilyn Monroe, a woman considered a sex symbol back in the day???
    She would have been considered a real porker today.
    there are different standards today than there were in years past.
    There are different reasons for obesity than simply variety of foods and no exercise.
    There is no ONE simple answer.
    Making your kind of statement shows your ingorance my dear. And doesn’t take into account that obestiy is all over the world.
    Give it a rest

  19. Leng Chai says:

    variety of food? come to malaysia or singapore where you’ll get all kind of food from east and west mixed together. thats what i call variety. anyway, variation of food doesnt cause people to be fat. its the amount of food one take….

  20. I’m an American living in Chile right now.
    I realized that obesity is high in the US for many reasons, and some of them are because we don’t know moderation, we eat so much processed foods, and we do have a huge variety of good food!

  21. Björn Andrésen says:

    It’s not just about food, not only about unhealthy food, it’s about size.
    McDonald’s burgers, fries, chips, bottle(pepsi, milk, Orange Juice), cups, meat, meal everything are huge. When you go place like Japan, everything looks tiny. At least McDonald’s meals are healthier than USA’s McDonald’s meal. No matter how healthy food the person eat, too much can cause same problem. Everything become fat when a person eat more than they need.

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