How many of you are the healthy organics you portray?

Question by She is my Sunshine: How many of you are the healthy organics you portray?
So many people post like they are these all organic, healthy, we cook every night parents and I wonder are that many of you really like that. I see it here and when i was in nb & b

I am not. We get some organic fruits and veggies. But, we eat out at least once a week, we have juice and have been know to get fast food once a week too… Mainly chi fila but, i dont hate McDonalds.
Amen to that V
When we cook and eat out we always get a veggie. If we have fast food, then we make sure to get a fruit.
Lol – my daughter eats better than I do as well. I just recently changed that. I have been making sandwiches or having leftover for lunch at work. Today i brought in a weeks worth of salad stuff for work too.
pdooma – I wish we could cook homemade everynight, my husband gets home with our daughter about 545 and I get in at 630. So has has been stuck cooking fast dishes with little to no effort, he is stuck on a job about 1.5 hours away from home. He used to grill almost everynight and i loved it. Grilled anything is good for me.
BTW – I am not giving any TD, the fairys are out tonight.

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Answer by V
Not me. Personally I prefer to laugh at the health freaks that will be someday laying in their death bed thinking crap it sucks to be dying of nothing.

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  1. Mommy of 5 says:

    We do eat vegetables most nights, but they are not organic. Nor do I cook dinner every night, sometimes we order pizza, go out to dinner, or just grill out.

    I recently checked out the organic section of our local supermarket. I had to literally LOL.

    MEATLESS chicken patties

    MEATLESS hamburgers (not veggie burgers)

  2. Patience says:

    I don’t know if I portray a healthy organic.

    I like to give her as much fresh and healthy food as I can. I have had her day care teacher comment on how I don’t give her a lot of junk. She always gets fresh fruit and veggies every day, and lots of milk, juice and water.

    We can’t afford to eat out much, even at McDonalds (which I hate), but we do have junk food/movie night on the weekends. She looks forward to it.

  3. nope… not i

    i am all for being cheap… but my husband is a cook and can make miracles out of crap

    but we do have our own garden… and it’s pretty big and organic

    i love mcdonalds… it’s what we had for lunch today… and yesterday

  4. I don’t go organic, but I do like to make things from scratch. I grew up that way, my body works best when I eat that way, and I’d like to do the same thing for my child. Yes, I cook almost every night. But we do order out sometimes, but it’s often freshly made Chinese food or pizza from a Mom&Pop place. Why eat junk when there’s so much quality food that tastes so much better? And give me a fat, juicy steak, too.

    We don’t do fast food at all. If I eat it I get terribly sick.

    I do like cookies. And Ben & Jerry’s.

    I don’t care what you put in your body, but I do care what I put in mine.

    EDIT: We do a lot of quick meals…steamed veggies, I dice the chicken before I toss it with some olive oil and garlic and saute so it cooks in less than 15 min. Add some couscous or whole wheat pasta and a big green salad or some fruit on the table and you’re ready to roll. It takes less than 30 min to be done.

  5. Braylne's Mommy says:

    Nope. We don’t buy organic, I feel like it’s a rip off. Just like free range eggs. I cook when I feel like it. We eat out quite often. I drink 2 cups of coffee, and 3 or so sodas a day. But we have changed our eating habits quite a bit lately. I’ve switched to diet sodas and been trying to cook more. I’ve been eating more fruits and veggies and I’ve lost 10 pounds recently. I feed my son healthy foods, but my husband and I are just recently joining him.

  6. expecting ANOTHER boy says:

    We eat mostly all organic if not all natural.We grow our own fruits and veggies so we don’t have to worry about that.Bake my own breads and shop at whole foods and Trader Joes.We do have the none occasional non organic foods…even though it’s not healthy, it won’t strike us down dead.No need for fast food.Food is for fuel and that is the philosophy we teach our kids.

    V, it’s not about being a health’s about not poisoning your body.And my kids hardly ever get sick…so think of that next time you have to stay home from work with your sick kid.

  7. lillilou says:

    We try, but I also try to be cheap, so am torn. However, I do choose my grocery stores based on produce quality, and even save produce buying for certain stores or farmers market – will pay more to buy local. Same thing, as currently pregnant – try to eat healthier now, but have some really crappy cravings I cant shake. But we always do organic milk, and have a friend of a farmer friend that gives us awesome organic valley coupons and our store that carries it has double coupon days, so get it for about the same.

    We rarely eat out.

  8. Jax's Mommy says:

    Well, I had a hotpocket for lunch, ham and cheese. It was one of those big ones. It was really good. Enough said :)

  9. Tiger Lily says:

    I am. It’s very convenient since we grow a fair amount of our own food, and what we don’t, we can usually buy in season from local farms and freeze what we don’t use immediately.
    I’m not saying we don’t have non-organic or packaged/processed stuff, we do and plenty of it. It just doesn’t make up the bulk of our diet.

    I don’t cook every night. I do batch/freeze cooking, and it helps soooo much. I make 16-30 meals at a time over one big day or over a weekend, freeze them, and just pull them out when I want them. Healthy meals, little/no effort except one or two days a month. We do cook during the week though, my husband (when he’s home) and my 9y/o (aspiring chef and way better than me, sadly, she cooks a few meals a week and they’re fabulous!), but having a freezer full of complete meals ready to pull out if no one feels like it is great and keeps us from just defaulting to unhealthy crap.

    K: same here. I do think REAL organics are beneficial, but the crap they sell at QFC is no healthier than the non-organic stuff right next to it. I don’t buy into all the crazes. Eggs are good, eggs are bad, eggs will kill you, the incredible edible egg, don’t eat eggs, EGG PANIC!!!, eat eggs now! Omega-3’s, anti-oxidants, blah blah. No one would need to be concerned with buying into all that stuff if they just ate right in the first place!

    And I’m a firm believer that “substitutes” are worse for you than the real stuff is, if you’re not going completely over the top with the real stuff. Real sugar, real butter, real salt. They’re all fine and (except for butter) necessary. HFCS, salt substitute, and margarine are banned in my household for everyday cooking.

  10. I cook — I have a packed freezer — I go to farms and good greengrocers. I have stuff in boxes and cans for emergency purposes, but they’re gross and it really is for emergencies; I would sooner serve my kid a dinner of chopped raw veg and some cheese than I would serve her a thing of Kraft Dinner or whatever else along those lines.

    I am a food snob, not an “organic” flake, though. I use a lot of butter. We do go to McDonald’s for fries and tonight’s dinner was fries from the chip stand across the road. I think “organic” is a marketing con, and so is “now with omega-3″ and the like. I’m friends with sugar.

  11. Jane Doe says:

    when you live forever away from the store, like we do, eating out is not even an option, however the second I get into town, I get something yummy, processed and delicious…Don’t believe what you read on here. Nobody cooks from scratch all organic all the time, and sorry, but organic is not what you think it is…. I don’t know if you have any spare land, but anyone can make a garden. It saves money believe me, and all you have to do is go out in the yard and get your produce.

  12. Wendy M says:

    We run both ends of that gamut at our house. We have a garden and grow some of our own organic veggies. We do a farm share from an organic farm as well. If we eat at home, we always have a veggie. I try to keep sweets in the house to a minimum and get the kids to snack on cheese or fruit first. We try to buy organic in the market which is easy to do at Target with the Archer Farms store brand.

    We eat out at least once or more a week though. We both work and the kids have activities so it can be hard to even get the time at home to cook. It could be McDonalds or Noodles & Company or TGIFridays, whatever is close and easy and in the budget that week.

    Heck, if I can get enough food to fill up my 11yr old boy and get something into my 5yr old girl, I’m happy.

  13. Baby Ruth says:

    I live in South America, I’m latin, our regular groceries it’s what americans call “organic” (since we grow most of the stuff we eat here the old fashioned way) and there is not such thing as prepared meals here. Either you cook or eat out (which can get pretty $$$)

    So yes, we cook everyday, except for Sundays that we take the kids out for lunch / ice cream.

  14. MaMa GaGa 1♀ 12w4d says:

    I really do think healthy home cooked from scratch meals are the best for the whole family… However – I would be a liar to sat Emmy had _never_ had a mcdonalds or food from a tin! It’s unrealistic to expect every meal cooked from scratch with a toddler running around…

  15. AdamsMom Erin~Leah Coming Soon says:

    We both work, and I am not a gifted cook, so I cannot say we are the organic form scratch family. We try and offer healthy food but my son is super duper picky, so we are wondering if the blue substance in blueberry Eggos can count as a “fruit” lol.

  16. LuLu86: very seldom wrong says:

    I agree with K on the organic marketing thing. I don’t buy into it. I buy “market value” fruit and veg. I don’t try and portray a “holier than thou” attitude to food and cooking. I try and strike a balance.

    The thing with me is that I really, honestly *enjoy* to cook meals from scratch. Saying this, my son also eats what I call “easy” dinners. If I buy in fish fingers or chicken dippers, then I at least make sure they’re made from actual chicken or fish fillet. They’re handy to have in.

    I find that if I have time on weekends it’s good to cook and freeze meals for during the week. Otherwise we’d never be able to eat homecooked meals – during the school year I’ll be leaving the house at 7.30am and not getting back til around 5. I’ll need to get on top of this again for when I start back at uni in a few weeks.

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