Maui Exotic Fruit Farm

Established about 35 years ago, ONO Organic Farms is a 50-acre, certified organic, family-owned and operated farm located on the southeastern slopes of Halea…
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  1. Mango Island Mamma says:

    hey friend. we live here in paia so close to this farm and i just learned
    of it. can’t believe we haven’t gone yet! did the guy say when the durian
    trees are in season and normally go off? thanks

  2. florence tety says:

    Oow , I love this video, thank you for posting :D

  3. TheWizardofGardening says:

    I could live in that paradise. Sleep under a fruit tree.

  4. James Bailey says:

    GMO is a bit of an issue in some of the hawaiian islands, isn’t it?

  5. Evan Rock says:

    Right on… They wouldn’t take me up there. Afraid I would raid the durian
    tree I’m sure…

  6. victoria arnstein says:

    were you playing the piano in the background? It’s so mellow.

  7. madhobo3854232 says:

    well wat is the best fruit i should try like exotic fruit

  8. Evan Rock says:

    haha, what’s your question?

  9. MrStevem121 says:

    Yeah with the amount of fruit around him I wonder how much of his diet
    consists of it. Bet he ain’t a total fruit bat though?!

  10. Ben Lasalle says:

    my favorite lilikois are the orange/soft skinned ones that go by the name
    jamaican lilikoi. can bite right into them. they are more rare, they aren’t
    tart and have a creamy taste.

  11. VeganLondonMan says:

    Wow, I just booked a flight to Maui (first time ever to Hawaii) and it
    looks like I will have to take a drive to ONO farm! I am going to eat so
    much Papaya…

  12. tpaperplane says:

    I’m definitely going here! Excited for my Hawaii trip now!

  13. victoria arnstein says:

    I am supposed to come to Maui on the 17th are you going to still be there?

  14. madhobo3854232 says:

    can u put a video up of wat fruits r good i live in michigan so i dont know
    wat to try

  15. Ryan Sevener says:

    Pawpaw grow native in Michigan and most of the eastern united states, give
    it a shot buddy.

  16. Abitaskew Dataflow says:

    The best views are way wayyy up top past the coffee and main banana fields
    where the cows chill. Guava berries, raspberries and baby pigs runnin
    around. Felt like some kind of lucid dream. Ono Farms for life!

  17. will mcgregor says:

    u know im 11 and i love fruit now i wanna go to maui when im older and try
    all these fruits the last video at the exotic fruit place like the jack
    fruit i was gonna get but i got dragon fruit and papya dont know if thats
    right please answer back

  18. iwillsinganewsong says:

    sounds like ukelele

  19. Sonjas Stars says:

    Wow beautiful !! :)

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