4th of July Striped Carved Watermelon Bowl

http://www.vegetablefruitcarving.com Nita Gill Presents – How to make beautiful watermelon fruit salad bowls that are more impressive than your ordinary wate…


  1. Mohammad Karbaschi says:

    Wasting so much of the fruit, spending too much time and then the gusts
    will eat it in 5 min with little interest in the shape

  2. Cute! I will be trying this….

  3. Nikola Manev says:

    second watermelon looks much better for me. great work for both of them :)

  4. 1973Washu says:

    I did not know that thing about the blemishes meaning they melon is
    particularly sweet , thanks for the tip.

  5. nickol nick quezada says:

    . – Thanks for the advice

  6. Angel Avalos says:

    you got suckered in getting a bs app

  7. Samandar Agayev says:

    just eat watermelon. favor of nature art a fool of confusion. home
    illogical beetle.

  8. beautifullllllllllllllllllllllll

  9. Sona Aghazaryan says:

    yeah your phone has rubber case

  10. the phone’s rubber case could affect how the app worked, since it insulates
    the vibrations

  11. bethany crouch says:


  12. Its the most wonderfull thing ive seen in my life! Its a wartermelon,
    carved by a woomen, alone!

  13. 4izneyney says:

    apples wudda been fine for stars 

  14. stew12341 says:

    In 100 years people will watch this and think ” oh that’s what they done
    back in them days, thump water melons” 

  15. Brad Chapman says:


  16. Jamie Carroll says:

    “this watermelon smells good” Fav. Quote, one of my favorite videos, thanks
    for lifting me up when times were tough! :-D

  17. Trollseeder says:

    why did u take out the green part?

  18. Bibith Kallalathil says:

    really nice

  19. Inessa Panasyuk says:

    you mad !!! yet no one throws away an edible melon

  20. siti arisah says:


  21. Faiz Jufri says:

    Its the most beautiful thing i’ve every seen in my Life!

  22. Zainab Iqbal says:

    It is just waste of time 

  23. rosaria sferrazzo says:
  24. Akselrudi says:

    Why the fuck did i see this??

  25. Biddy Mahy says:

    you make me crave watermelon -drools-

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