How To Correctly Serve a Watermelon

Today I show you how to correctly cut and serve a watermelon. This is a great technique when you are having friends over for watermelon. Click Here To Eggscr…
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  1. A Nice Guy says:

    Good luck on your war with black people.

  2. What If I told you, Wether its food, expired food, not fucking food and
    something else, I DONT CARE
    This doesn’t show a good respect to poor people who cant have what you are
    just playing with, this is something really idiotic.. Fuck off mother
    -Dislike Army!

  3. ourworldrhythm says:

    The days when HowToBasic was actually good. Now he just makes a mess and
    has some mental disorder with strange noises. I liked when his videos were
    meant to deceive!! Now he’s just going crazy

  4. That looks like rotten watermelon.

  5. 3,670 black guys disliked this vid

  6. strawbunny99 says:

    More like how to make a black person cry

  7. ɥʇɹɐɯɐS nɹnppɐW says:

    How come the thumbnail doesn’t match the video? Flagging it

  8. AmateurYoutuber says:

    Ahhh.. Back when he wouldn’t make animal noises and shit sausages or eggs

  9. SexyQueen says:


  10. Frank Martin says:

    so, you are using expirated food right?

  11. Alfred me says:

    Satanic pigs must be american imbeciles!

  12. sortaRewinds says:

    Such a waste

  13. Anna Yipper says:

    These are funny lol

  14. Fluffy Tops says:

    i am so mad at him! why would he KILL a perfectly GOOD fresh watermelon and
    not eat it right? :( watermelons are my favorite:(

  15. oh that looks DELICIOUS

  16. Константин Игрок says:

    1) Show you face.
    2) Why You like eggs so? 

  17. Zaid Albader says:

    omg y u no give wahtermelun to the pore staerving keds

  18. Am I the only one that feels sorry for the watermelon? :'(

  19. WTFADEADGUYxD123 says:


  20. KieraKatz Squigz says:

    To everyone who complains about how he wastes food.
    1. One watermelon won’t feed thousands of hungry people.
    2. It is probably spoiled.
    3. If he did not play with it he would’ve eaten it and nobody gets it still.
    I agree people ARE starving, but sitting here and complaining won’t help

  21. Eww! so much gore :S

  22. John Egbert says:

    Probably spoiled

  23. This isn’t comedy. It is idiocy.

  24. yousuf razzaq says:

    Piece of sht there are people starving to death and ure fcking making these
    stupid videos fck u and ure ugly fucked up subscribers

  25. guys if u have a problem with him dont watch him SIMPLE as that so stop

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