How to make a Watermelon Keg! (3D Printed)

My 3D Printer info and Download: Let’s save some money and build our own keg out of a watermelon. If you have access to a 3D printer…


  1. Cool

  2. How To Videos says:

    *Where’s the SALT ?*

  3. Bears&Cookies says:

    Wow, a cheap alternative to a real keg! All I need is 3D printer – and
    those are not very expensive, are they?

  4. hi househacks,

    i am allergy to watermellons. can u pls show how to do it with cantalope??


  5. The normal tap would have worked fine. I think the only reason you even
    mentioned a 3D printed tap is to advertise for Robo3D.

  6. Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" says:

    That’s using your melon

  7. Can i put semen????

  8. The legal drinking age is 5 in the UK.

  9. NorthSurvival says:

    Pretty cool party trick.

  10. Perfect for this heat!! Gonna try it!

  11. Does people in USA have acess to a 3D printer easily?
    I’m from Brazil and i’ve never seen one of these

  12. HackedGlitch265 says:

    I don’t like watermelon, so… :/

    I suppose I could just use a regular melon… but that wouldn’t hold much
    liquid XD

  13. HouseholdHacker says:

    All your watermelon keg are belong to us! Move Zig!

  14. fireclaw316 says:

    “Have fun this summer.” Don’t people start going back to school next week?
    I mean, I’m homeschooled so I wouldn’t exactly know.

  15. legends says that he is still filling the glass till this day!

  16. KingSprinkle says:

    Ain’t nobody got a 3D printer!

  17. Trippin Josh says:

    What if you accidently cut the hole for the tap too big and it leaks,what
    should i do

  18. Who the fuck has a 3D printer nowadays? What the fuck is this, 2020?

  19. Although very cool, this is certainly not a replacement for a keg. Kegs
    hold like 150+ beers, and this holds what, 3? And they are dispensed at the
    speed of snail?

  20. NightHawkInLight says:

    I need a 3D printer.

  21. OaksViewChannel says:


  22. It just falls :(

  23. Offended Badly then Unsubscribed says:

    save money on the keg, buy an expensive as fuck 3d printer

  24. Aamina Chan says:

    First get your 5000% dollar 3d printer!

  25. ZisonFire _ says:

    I thought you were going to print the watermelon

  26. MrOrthogonalization says:

    I saw this the other day on Hulu. She did two more watermelon slingshots
    and finished the task!! 90% of guys under 30 would’ve been crying like a
    3rd grader and said, “Fuck it, we’re going home.” If the only thing you
    have to say after that hit is, “I can’t feel my face,” you’re BAD-ASS,
    especially for a chick. 

  27. Theprogamerisme says:

    so that proves you that human skull is harder than watermelon

  28. L Venga Door says:

    After a watermelon to the face like that, I would have gladly walk (or
    crawl) away without finishing the task, Why?? Because is not a challenge to
    overcome or a life defining moment, is a stupid tv show managed and
    produced by morons that couldn’t care less about the participants.

  29. lol that bitch in the end who wanted her to continue after she got a
    watermelon in her face! It’s just a game..

  30. Approved fully-enclosed industrial safety goggles & helmet too. The sling
    alone could destroy an eye. 

  31. John Salazar says:

    Nice of that other woman to help her.

    She should have just laid back and called for an ambulance. 

  32. the things people do for money xD

  33. ScottKinmartinTV says:

    This is what happens when you waste watermelon…

  34. Jolteon PokeCards says:

    Jesus Fucking christ that would hurt like a mother fucker 

  35. haha

  36. Only a female… jeez. In event of war, best to send our womenfolk to the
    enemy side. With form like this we’d win in less than a day.

    From an event safety point of view, with watermelon juice everywhere on a
    grassed field, they should’ve required all contestants to don properly
    cleated footwear.

  37. I thought for sure she was dead with broken neck or a crushed face. Good
    God that was horrific! 

  38. Phil Johnson says:


  39. Guys, this wouldn’t hurt as much as people seem to think. Go find a cheap,
    overripe watermelon (which is what they’d be using if they’re just throwing
    them away) and hit it hard enough to crush it with your fist. A fist is a
    lot harder than any watermelon. The watermelon will give. Now apply that
    force to being hit in the head. There would be a little more force since
    this watermelon was travelling so fast, but it would still give and break
    after the initial moment of impact. There’s no follow-through. I’m not
    saying this would feel like sunshine and daisies, but it’s nothing compared
    to something more serious like being hit in the head by a professional
    boxer or having full speed helmet-to-helmet contact – especially when
    you’re taking the brunt of the force with your forehead. Even if it hit you
    in the nose or eyes, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  40. Whoa!! Have you felt the weight of those buggers….that would have put me
    in a coma for decades…she hardly blinked…!!!

  41. the amazing melon to face

  42. She’s lucky as hell. No broken nose, no broken teeth and no concussion what
    are the odds of that happening.

  43. That was amazing. She took it like a champ.

  44. Thank goodness it wasn’t one of those square watermelons… I don’t why but
    it seems to me that may have been worse…

  45. mike myfree says:

    “You have to finish” “The don`t call it the Amazing Race for nothing”
    Greatest moment of that show ever!

  46. Kombo Breaker says:


  47. Александр Ложкин says:


  48. this is so satisfying

  49. HoustonGothic says:

    I don’t know how she still has a face!

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